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March 09 2017

'Buffy' at 20: 13 Key players on how it changed TV and why there shouldn't be a revival. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with James Marsters, Nick Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, Michelle Trachtenberg, Tony Head, Emma Caulfield, Danny Strong, Amber Benson, Kristine Sutherland, Eliza Dushku, Gail Berman, David Greenwalt, and David Fury to talk all about Buffy.

Good read! This is so true, as MT says: "When Buffy tells Dawn that Joyce is dead it was the first time that I turned around and would see crew men crying. " I am another of those men crying, each and every time I see that scene.
Where's Joss and... you know... Buffy?

I wish they'd do a THR Roundtable with Joss and all the regular cast.
Hmmm... does it sound like James is leaving the door open a bit to playing Spike again? Probably won't happen, but still...
Well Kristine Sutherland let it slip that she's seeing SMG and the rest of the cast later in the week so she has pretty much confirmed a reunion! Yay!

DB posted a pic of him and Charisma at a photoshoot on his Instagram and cryptically mentioned he'd seen a lot of other familiar faces. Sarah then posted a pic on her twitter thanking DB for some nail polish he gave her and it looked like she was at a photo shoot too. DB has since deleted the pic but I'm guessing there's a reunion shoot happening.
Intriguing. I bet it's an EW shoot.

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