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March 10 2017

'Buffy' at 20: Jane Espenson picks her best and worst episodes. A quick slideshow of Jane's opinions on her episodes.

How can any list of best Jane Espenson episodes not include Intervention or AfterLife?
I'm glad she cited The Harsh Light of Day. I think it's basically perfect, and not loved as much as it ought to be.
I love how she open she is about when Joss wrote stuff. I think she or Joss said she was the Kayley of the writer's room. I'm not a huge fan of the writing on Once Upon a Time overall but I catch it on occasion. I think more than twice I laughed out loud during an episode and checked to find that she wrote it.
Hah, this confirms something I've always tried to sort out—who wrote the clock tower scene in "Earshot." (I occasionally teach that scene, so I've always wanted to really nail down who wrote it!)

Ah, but she's good.
Love the Harsh Light of Day!
Jane Espenson wrote a lot of my favourite Buffy episodes, Earshot and After Life probably being at the top, but The Harsh Light Of Day is maybe my least favourite by her - I think it just has too much Harmony and Parker for my liking, and I always much preferred In The Dark on Angel.

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