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April 16 2004

Spike - the puppet - Seems like a serious fan made an impressive puppet, wow!(warning some "fanfic" situations, lol) (link deleted on request - Simon).

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(futher deletions as requested, sorry)

How wonderful! Especially the *ahem* desk pictures! Click on "home" and watch the slide show...
These pics were already up here at this thread: a couple of days ago.

Still wish there was a real Spike puppet. No wait, I mean Spikebot.
Hello, Jean-Luc Picard (to the shaved head of JM)!
I just read on another board that Mister James is scheduled to be on the Ryan Seacrest show on or around April 27th. Don't know if it's fact or rumor. Or if there will be any head shaving involved. I've seen pictures of him performing with Ghost of the Robot and he seems to like lolipops. Hello, Kojak! Who loves ya, baby?
Er, that picture of James with his head shaved is a photo manipulation. I'm not the only one who knows this, right?

[ edited by weatherby on 2004-04-16 17:27 ]
I still want a Spike puppet, why isn't someone clever making them.
That pic of James with no hair is meant to be what he will possibly look like. It's a manipulation, as weatherby pointed out. I wonder if his scalp'll be bleach white when the day comes...
I thought James was supposed to be on Ryan Seacrest Thursday. He wasn't. No head-shaving that day.
Posters at MoreThanSpike have been told by the Ryan Seacrest show that James will be appearing April 27th and yes, he will be shaving those platinum blond locks off. So long, blondie bear!
Ok thanks for the update.
That's a great Spike puppet! LOL Classic...

And why is James shaving his head again?
Charity. And to get rid of the blonde a little faster, I suppose.

Wish I could see the roots, which are my favorite. But I'll take him any way I can get him in June when he comes to NY.
Eek, sorry about the dupe but I guess it was enjoyed even the second time around.
Hi guys, sorry to be a spoilsport but nobody asked my permission to directly hotlink to my image album and I'm rather concerned about bandwidth problems here.

I have a free acount with Photobucket and if the traffic is too heavy they will freeze my acount. The alternative is I make it password protected and nobody will be able to gain access to it!

I find all this attention very flattering, but I don't want to 'muck up' my relationship with Photobucket. Yes you can see my stuff, but not this way. If you want to see the 'Muppet Spike' images then try this link insted.Thanks!

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2004-04-17 03:41 ]
sueworld2003 I've deleted the link to your image album.
OT: That's not hotlinking, technically. It was a straightforward link. Hotlinking is embedding images from an outside source within a page.
Thanks, but the link via 'bald James' still appears to be going through to my album.

If you want to make the above link I encluded in my first post into a hotlink insted that will be great, then everybody will be happy, thanks.

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2004-04-17 03:51 ]
Sueworld2003, my sincere apologies, I did not know you didn't want to share those images. I had found the link on a Spike discussion board and thought it was offered to the public (by you)

In the future you might want to use a service that can make images either public or private like Yahoo's photo albums ( It's completely free. Again, very sorry.
Might want to edit the link to the other pic too TaraLivesOn. The one to "baldy James".
Thanks for that guys!

You missunderstand I do want to share or I wouldn't have posted these images on a couple of fan boards I frequent, it's just I normally have people asking before hand if either they can take and post the images on their own site, or as on the forums I frequent post with attachments.

As I said earlier I'm not keen on people linking directly to my albums because of banwidth problems. I normally use Photobucket as it allows direct linking, Which I do need for certain occasions such as posting in my LJ etc. Yahoo as you may know does not.

Anyhoo thanks again for sorting that out, and as I said before you can use that above link to view my 'muppet Spike', so if you want to make that link 'hot' that would be great as I'm afraid I'm too dim to work out how to do it here!

You have a great site here!

All the best!


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