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"Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?"
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March 11 2017

Buffy video games ranked from best to worst. Someone needs to re-release the top two for the mobile market.

Yes, I would love to play the top two again. I never really got into Chaos Bleeds (I'm a below-average gamer and found it too difficult and the voice actor for Willow sounded stoned out of her mind), but I loved the original Xbox game and I'd love to give Chaos Bleeds another shot.
Knuckleball I felt the exact same way about those games. Loved the original xbox game. But I couldnt get very far with the sequel. The controls for the fighting moves just werent as fluid. (I remember most of the team behind the original game went off to do an Indiana jones game instead. It was pretty good too..)

Bugged the heck out of me that I couldnt get very far with Chaoes Bleeds. I wanted to play as Faith and the dummy doll!

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