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March 11 2017

(SPOILER) Fox's mutant TV show gets tentative title: 'Gifted.' Some basic details about Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer's roles.

If it's anywhere near as unique, risk-taking, and all-around excellent as FX's Legion has been so far, it'll be very good for the sometimes-great, oft-times shaky or poor output from Fox's X-Men franchise.

Logan was good as well, even if it was a hell of a lot more bleak than what I usually want out of my X-Men films...and what it means for the franchise as a whole at this point sorta makes you wonder, "Should I even bother with the rest?"

Legion, so far, seems like it's most likely in its own continuity/reality/happening on its own version of Earth, so might as well be a different franchise, unless they connect it at some point. A number of familiar X-Men comic book concepts are popping up in it, but there're zero ties to the film franchise thus far. Wonder where Gifted will fall.

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I hope this one is better than Legion cause that one leaves me cold. I'll give it a chance in any case.
Anybody else thinking they got the title from Joss' first story in Astonishing X-Men?
I would prefer all future X-Men adaptions be unconnected to the Singer franchise. Not only because the continuity is so messed up but also because the X-Men never lived up to their potential as a team in the movie series.

Plus Logan is such the perfect end for that series.

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