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March 12 2017

Why MTV's Sweet/Vicious must be saved. "Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be familiar with the sight of two powerful, pint-size young women handing out beat downs to villainous bad guys, punctuating their punches with wry quips."

Just watched the first episode, and I'm hooked. I hope it gets another season.
That's why I posted this. It's a wonderful, important show with Whedonesque influences abound. MTV is in the process of axing most of their scripted shows, so this one very well may get nixed, but hopefully a fan push can save it.
This became my current favorite with the first episode. I hope it's renewed, but on the plus side: even if it doesn't, this first-season arc with its open-ended finale was an excellent story, complete in itself. You wouldn't have to see further episodes to know that S/V would continue giving the entitled trash their comeuppance, and maybe inspiring others to act.
I loved the beginning of the season but was disappointed by the end.

Edit: However, if it's renewed I'd totally watch it.

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It really is an excellent show which deserves renewal. MTV would be short-sighted to nix it now, as there has been much good word of mouth about the show AFTER it completed its run on MTV.
On the basis of people's remarks here, I'll start watching it. Many thanks.
The main reason Sweet/Vicious is on the bubble--besides dismal ratings-- is that MTV's new President is moving the network away from scripted shows and back toward brainless reality TV again. He/they already cancelled two new comedy shows from last year, and drama staples like Teen Wolf and SCREAM are ending as well (the latter is a safe assumption). Sweet/Vicious may have tragically arrived at the exact wrong time, but maybe it can be shopped to Netflix/Hulu/etc. if MTV can't find a place for it.

More info about the situation at MTV:

P.S. Thanks to the mods for allowing this post here. As devout Whedonites, I feel we should fight for shows like this-- especially since there seem to be several fans amongst us, and this show has appeared on multiple "If you like Buffy, you should watch this..." lists recently.
I just checked out the trailer and this actually looks great! Thanks for the heads up, since I never would have checked out a show by MTV.
BTW, did anyone else watch Crazyhead?
Is Joss or anyone who worked with Joss involved in this show?

Shouldn't a save the show campaign be saved for Whedon shows?
Given that Joss hasn't had a show on the air since 2010 (excluding the AoS pilot), I think it's fair game to campaign for shows that are clearly influenced by his work from time to time. This is one of those shows. And this article specifically links it to Buffy in a few notable instances.
Normally one Buffy mention does not make a summer (or Summers *crickets*) but this article actually seemed to reference the show properly. And I needed a palate cleanser after the Buffy nostalgia we've had of late. However if it was a link to a petition or godawful fan tweet campaign to save a non-Joss show then it would go the way of the dodo.

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