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March 13 2017

The 50 best movie monsters of all time. One creature from The Cabin in the Woods gets a mention here. Can you guess which one?

My money is on the Merman
Unicorn all the way!

The two choices above are great, but I have to hand it to the Werewolf. I do love when they show his legs as he runs down the hall...and he kills Sigourney Weaver! I think I remember that she was real excited about the Werewolf on set, couldn't wait to meet him!
Pfft, no Zuul? I still have nightmares about that damn thing and I'm 38 years old!
I've just had the time to check out the first page and I'm already getting bad surprises. Candyman so low?! And... there was a 1982 movie with Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec deity - *benevolent* Aztec deity - as the main monster/villain?! Wow, that sounds pretty ignorant, and boy, would that not go well in media and on social networks if it was released today. People going wild over Gods of Egypt would be nothing compared to that.
There are still Aztecs?
@Grack21: As much as there are still ancient Egyptians.
Were people upset with the characterization of the deities in Gods of Egypt? I just remember justifiable outrage at the whitewashing.
@QingQing: Well, I guess if whitewashing is the only problem, then it's peachy since it seems their Quetzalcoatl was a literal plumed serpent, so not white. Yay. Obviously nothing else about that is ignorant or awful.

...Yeah, no.

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