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March 14 2017

J. August Richards joins 'The Gospel Of Kevin' ABC Pilot. The pilot is written and executive produced by former Mutant Enemy staffers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters.

They were also the driving forces behind Agent Carter. Love their work!
This premise actually looks interesting to me. Sort of a Joan of Arcadia thing but with an adult male. I'll give it a chance.
Also getting vibes of the Jonny Lee Miller series, Eli Stone, though I am going to guess that there will be less George Michael music than that show than this one ;)
Isn't it odd that the article, while naming JAR's previous work, completely fails to mention AtS? Yeah, it's been a while, but still... he was a main cast member in multiple seasons, and it's not like it's an obscure show.

Although I have to say that I am more attached to his character, Mike Peterson, on Agents of SHIELD, and found him more developed and memorable, even though he was just a recurring character with sporadic appearances (and the show sadly seems to have forgotten about it), than I ever was to Gunn.

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