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April 16 2004

Early Preview of Teen Titans #1/2 (BtVS mention) Interesting Similarities between Rose Wilson and our own Faith, the Vampire Slayer. Roll to the comments part.

At first this wouldn't sound as much a whedonesque topic, but it is.
I know Joss comic preferences are mostly closer to Marvel Comics Titles, such as Spider Man and X-Men. Which made him writing a X-Title not so surprising, specially knowing that he was involved in the first movie.
Alongside Jossverse creation (TV, Movies or Comics), my other most love are the Titans. When every critic were comparing BtVS to either X-Men or Spider Man, I always reminded myself how close their disfunctional family were to the Titans.
When I bumped into this article, I couldn't not post it here, even though the Jossverse related metion is brief.
So enjoy!

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