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March 16 2017

(SPOILER) Find out what's happening in your Buffyverse Season 11 comics in June. Angel #6 is out that month as is Buffy #8. The first trades for each series are also solicited and will be out in August.

Wow. Angel's first trade is only 4 issues. It reminds me of how certain trades from Marvel used to annoy me with the few collected issues. That was 5-6 years ago when I was still reading Marvel. Not sure if that still happens. Yes, most other trades from previous seasons were 5 collected issues, 4 ain't that different. For some reason, I get the feeling of "it should be bigger". Might just be random nitpicking.

Otherwise, business as usual. Kept expecting we might heard some Season 11 (or at least S10 Library Edition) news from the ECCC panel from a few days ago, but no go on that front.
@Numfar PTB
There are only 12 issues this season. 3 TPB's. They'd make less money off of splitting it into two tpb's.
@dpunkjrocksm Very sound reasoning, however all made more bizarre, when compared Buffy's also 12-issue long 11th season first trade collection is 6 issue long.
@Numfar PTB

The Buffy season seems to be one long arch, while Angel is split into three different archs, so it makes a lot of sense.

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