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March 16 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel Season 11 #3. Out of the Past continues...

Seriously this season sucks, and is a total waste. Hopefully, it ends with a bang.
Does anyone understand why Angel told Illyria it would be terrible if she killed her past self, because of what it would do to Fred? If Illyria died millenia ago, wouldn't that mean that Fred would have never died/been overtaken by Illyria?

It would make more sense if he said it would be awful because it would create a time paradox, because if Illyria killed her past self, she wouldn't exist in the future and wouldn't be able to go back and kill her past self...

Oh, the confusion of time travel logic.
I find the quality of this season of Angel incredibly insulting to fans. The writer does not seem to know what makes the universe tick, Angel seems boring and Fred seems stupid.

And I'm not into the art either; the likeness is not good enough.

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I've stopped buying the digital, I'll probably get the trade paperbacks because I'm daft about having all the canon ones, but no way am I going to pay twice for this after reading the first two (I buy both for Buffy). Nothing I've seen in the scant comments I've read since this one was released has made me inclined to think it has improved. :(
Finally posting some thoughts on last month's and this month's season 11 comics.I'll do Angel # 2 and 3 today(they'll be brief).Then I'll do Buffy # 4 and 5 when I have issue 5 later this week(probably the weekend).

Angel # 3

My reaction to Part 3 of "Out Of Time" was pretty much the same as issue 2 of Angel Season 11.I did find it kinda of interesting the idea of past and present Illyria fighting each other.

The bit connecting back with Giles's aunts in the present was probably the most interesting part and the idea that time is being altered by Angel and Illyria's/Fred's trip into the past.

The cliffhanger with Illyria having to kill her past self and what that will change is also a good cliffhanger..

I think my problems are again,that I'm just not getting into the story very well.

Maybe when we move out of this time period that will change.But for now,I'm just not enjoying Angel season 11 that much.It feels like and this may just be me, thqt this series exist just because Dark Horse feels a obligation to have a Angel related series going each season now.

Angel & Faith season 9 and even 10 felt like they had a real purpose from the start and a real purpose under the season umbrella.Angel season 11 IMO atleast so far does not.Again,maybe that will change as the story continues.Right this second it feels more like a story designed to keep Angel out of the Buffy side of season 11.To me,that's disappointing especially since we now know some spoilers for upcoming Buffy.

I rather have no season 11 Angel title and just have Angel appear in a issue or two of Buffy and participate in a much more interesting storyline.Then create a dull story that already feels like it's going to cover previous themes already covered in previous Angel stories(that's the vibe I'm getting so far with this time travel story.I may be wrong that it plays out in a predictable way).Basically I rather have less Angel involved in a better storyline then more Angel in a dull story.

We'll see how the rest of this season plays out.

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