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March 19 2017

R.I.P. Bernie Wrightson. The acclaimed comic book artist did production work on Serenity.

From a Suicide Girls interview with Joss Whedon back in 2005.

DRE: When it comes down to actually coming up with what the Reavers actually looked like, did you describe it to an artist or can you draw?

JW: I draw minimally but I describe maximally. I leave some space for the artists to see what they come up with. One of the artists that I had working was [Swamp Thing co-creator] Bernie Wrightson. I saw the drawings and I was like, Jesus, this guy sure likes Bernie Wrightson a lot. They said Yeah, thats because he is Bernie Wrightson. Im like, No way you got him! But they did and he did some concept drawings for Reavers, which was really cool.

Ahhh, I just read the pre-Alan Moore run of Swamp Thing this past autumn, for which Wrightson did the first 10 or so issues. That's all I know from him, but it's really gorgeous work worth seeking out. RIP.
I always think of Captain Sternn from the "Heavy Metal" movie when I think of Wrightson.
Haz a sad now...
Aww.. :(

My first experience of him was his absolutely amazing work on the first Spiderman Graphic novel called Hooky. It was sublime.

The thing of it is, though he was just as good at horrific images, His Hulk & Thing graphic novel where they visit a planet full of monstrous aliens was not only so incredibly detailed, it also had just so much humour in the background characters. He frequently took the time to add lots of charming liitle moments to his backgrounds.

He'll be really missed...

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