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March 21 2017

9 sci-fi musicals that rocked television before Supergirl and The Flash. "This week, Supergirl and The Flash are airing musical episodes - a good use of the talents of Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, who had proved themselves on Glee. But theirs isn't the only musical interlude on sci-fi television."

OMWF gets first mention. Of course.

Proving once again that "sci-fi" is the most useless, and most abused, portmanteau on the planet.
TBF there isn't a good umbrella term to work in these instances. It's either 'sci-fi' or 'fantasy', and both have distinct other meanings as well.
@libradude: There's "speculative fiction".
@TimeTravellingBunny True, let me rephrase that-- there isn't a good, universally recognized umbrella term. "9 speculative fiction musicals that rocked television" would have got quite a few confused looks.
Apparently the Flash musical was quite good. Haven't seen it yet but I see some rated it better than Once More With Feeling.
Apparently the Flash musical was quite good.

It was very fun. Can't say I found the songs to be particularly good/memorable (granted, as a professional singer with an active distaste for modern musical theater I'm hardly an impartial judge) but the actual singing was excellent. Something like 90% of those casts started out in musical theater, and it really showed. Melissa Benoist in particular was outstanding.

She and Grant Gustin even got to do a straight-up Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers style song and tap-dance number by the end. It was very refreshing. It was great old-school levels of awesomeness.
Brinderwalt, everything you describe makes me look forward to seeing it even more. As soon as Supergirl was cast I wanted them to do a musical. Plus I love modern musical theatre so it sounds like a dream.

I'm glad Once More, With Feeling is still held up as the gold standard and I love the idea that its critical acclaim helps encourage other shows to try the genre out. I'm just waiting for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to do a sung-through episode, since that's the only way they can top what they usually do.
Just watched The Flash musical episode. It's cute, but it's no OMWF. OMWF functions as an actual musical that can be staged. The Flash musical episode is mostly a gimmick-y normal episode. A few original songs and a few covers. Also, The Music Meister's powers make, like, no sense in the episode (they should have just kept it simple like Joss did with Sweet).
Yeah I thought the actors were charming and talented but I thought the episode fairly boring outside of the musical numbers (but then I've never watched the show before so maybe it's not fair for me to assess the story having just jumped in in the middle. Or maybe I'm just trying to be nice by saying that).

Definitely no OMwF.
IMHO, it was, pardon the pun, all flash, and no substance. OMWF was good not only because it was fun and we got to see our favourites sing, but also because it was seminal for the plot of the whole season, not just a throwaway, clumsily set up in the previous episode. maybe i'm asking too much of the DC tv universe idk
What a letdown, what a waste of a great opportunity. It had little weight because it didn't happen in the "real world" (only the two main lead characters got to experience the phenomenon and anyone else who sang in the movie musical reality wasn't themselves). The Music Meister's powers seemingly could've made it happen to everyone too, if he'd wanted.

Were only TWO of the songs original creations (the "Super-friends" song and Barry's end song) ? Lazy. I don't watch a musical episode of a TV series to see and hear covers.

Undeniable singing talent among the cast (I had already enjoyed Grant Gustin and Darren Criss on Glee because I watched the first three seasons, but guess I didn't stick around long enough to see Melissa Benoist).

The final number DID work for me, though. It was heartfelt and pretty and it helped that it was original (I think ? Seemed suited/themed to The Flash). As much as I think it's clich├ęd for TV and barf-worthy in general, society's obsession with engagements and marriage (and rings -- yeah, we've come SO far when the vast majority of women still expect and go nuts over sparkly bands of metal), it still worked for me because Gustin sold the emotion and he's talented as heck.

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