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March 23 2017

Eliza Dushku joins CBS' 'Bull'. She will have a 3 episode arc beginning May 9th with the possibility of a promotion to series regular for Season 2.

Good show to watch?
Executive producer Phil McGraw. It's based on a psychological approach to jury control. So far its been good, but the concept may play out before too much longer. It was announced as picked up for second season today.
It's basically a show based on Dr. Phil's life before Oprah, when he was a specialist in jury selections. I like it but mainly for the cast, though former NCIS star Michael Weatherly makes Dr. Phil's in-show equivalent a lot more charismatic than I find the real Dr. Phil ;)
I was surprised to find I liked the show. I wasn't sold on the premise in the ads but gave it a shot anyhow and it's fun. Nothing too deep. But I like all the characters and the bad guy gets caught out in the end, so the lack of angst is refreshing.
The executive producer was also the executive producer/showrunner of White Collar which Eliza guest starred on. Bull is kind of the same tone of White Collar to me. Harmless fun because of what the cast does with the material.
Bull is 80 percent Michael Weatherly wich is not a bad thing if you like him. I watched the pilot and while It was fun, it wasnt enough for me to stick around. Michael and Eliza may actually make for a great combination, come to think of it.

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