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March 24 2017

The new X-Men series "Gifted" has started filming. The first behind the scenes photo has been released featuring Amy Acker being directed by longtime X-Men film director Bryan Singer who is shooting the pilot.

"Gifted" is the current working title of the series but might not be the final title.

Always love seeing Amy, in anything!

BTW, when I logged in, I got some strange messages about how I might be compromised if I log in here. Anyone else seeing that? It's disconcerting.
Jocelyn, are you using Firefox? That message was added in the latest version to indicate that logins over an HTTP page are not transmitted securely.

(You might not be too worried about people getting hold of your Whedonesque password, but it's probably best not to reuse the same password on other sites which have more information about you and your payment details, like Amazon or Paypal.)

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Anyone else still watching Legion ? Its 8th and final episode of Season 1 (dunno if the series has gotten renewed for a second season) airs this coming week. Episode 6 was a little trying (padding), but the 7th this week was incredible. And it's revealing itself to be more comic booky than it at first seemed (regardless of whether or not it's connected to the X-Men films, it's definitely using the comics as a blueprint while remaining its own unique, bizarre little headcase of a show), so that's kinda fun if you love the X-Men comics and cartoons.

Hoping the finale brings it home.

Gifted sounds a little more straightforward in format and the story it'll tell, but really lookin' forward to it. Like Sean Teale from the short-lived Incorporated (probably the best look at a possible, most-likely-to-happen future that sci-fi has given us in a while) and Reign Season 2, love Moyer from True Blood (regardless of how patchy that series was and how awful most of its final season was), and of course Acker has been great in Angel, Dollhouse, AoS, and Cabin In The Woods. Bryan Singer directing has me hopeful too.
I've been watching Legion and been enjoying it.It also has been renewed for a second season for 2018.
I'm still watching Legion, and I even enjoyed episode 6.
Nice, I wasn't even aware that Singer is involved. The original "X-Men" movie is still my favourite amongst the gazillion of superhero flicks.

I have yet to watch the second episode of "Legion". It's actually been a couple of weeks since I last watched an episode of any tv series.
Legion is incredible. The seventh episode was a fantastic bit of television. As for logging on, it's an HTTP thing as far I can see. I'll pass it up the chain of command to see what can be done.
MJWILSON - thank you. I will change my password if I can remember how.
Um. How do I change my password here? Thanks for any help - feeling like a moron here.
Send us an email, the address is at the bottom of the page and I'll sort it out.
Legion is simply the best super-hero comic book-inspired TV show on American TV right now. It's trippy, romantic, scary, sweet, funny, dramatic, foreboding, daring, musical, sexy, and unpredictable. And perfectly cast. And The Devil With Yellow Eyes is possibly the most disturbing monster I've seen in years, at least until The Angriest Boy in the World shows up.
I found the Librarians on Hulu recently and have been watching that. It has our old friend Christian Kane in it. I'm a little bothered that the female math genius seems so much like Fred, but overall I am finding it goofy fun. Anyone else a fan?
Legion gave me a bit of a headache the first few episodes, but I am loving the show.

I watch the Librarians too. It's a lot of fun.

Am looking forward to Gifted. (Which has the same name as an upcoming Chris Evan movie... about a math genius! It's so weird how it's all connected.) ;)
LEGION is, as they say, a TRIP.

Writer/series mastermind Noah Hawley (Fargo) seems to be more interested in the internal workings of David Haller's mind than mutant or anti-mutant hijinks in the "real" world. We've had to sort through David's real memories, false memories, mindscapes, and astral landscapes as we try to get our bearings and decide what's real and what isn't. Hawley keeps us spinning with all kinds of cinematic showboating, including (just this last episode) chalkboard animation, a silent movie sequence (with intertitles!), a hospital wall secreting Cronenbergian ooze and a debate between David (Dan Stevens, talking Amurrican) and his Rational Mind (Dan Stevens, proper Brit).

It's all very entertaining, and the cast looks like they're having a blast. We have Aubrey Plaza, ripping up the joint as David's old buddy, Lenny (or IS she?), America's greatest living clown, Bill Irwin, as half of a very unusual mutant team, and Jemaine Clement as a Martini-sipping, poetry spouting hepcat (literally) chilling on the astral plane.

If I have one criticism, it's that the stylistic pyrotechnics might be blunting the emotional impact of the series. I mean, David's had his mind effed with since birth, but I don't FEEL the impact of that yet. I guess I'm waiting for the events of this season to sink in--for myself and the characters--to see how badly David was damaged and if he can ever truly recover.

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Legion is my favourite show at the moment. I wait all week thinking about the next episode. It's still confusing as hell even after the revelation in episode 7 (an awful lot is unexplained still, like what were the powers of the eye? He could shapeshift, knock people unconscious with his touch, and was seemingly immune to bullets? And what's the deal with lenny and benny? Why replace benny with lenny in david's memories? And who burned everyone in episode 1?) but it has so much creativity that makes up for the incoherent aspects of the story.
Legion is fantastic. Definitely the best thing on television at the moment. The severed arm of Marvel still has weird, trippy life in it.
Librarians drives me nuts mainly because I am a librarian and they most definitely are not in any way doing librarianship. They are more like museum curators if anything.

I just started Legion and so far I love it. Finishing Iron Fist right now. It's not bad.
With "Gifted," am I the only one amused to see Fred Burkle and Bill Compton as a couple? (Stephen Moyer, who appears to be playing Amy Acker's character's spouse in "Gifted," was the sort of "Angel"-like vampire Bill Compton for all seven seasons of "True Blood.")

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