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March 25 2017

Willow Rosenberg will be bringing out a Buffy Grimoire in October. The Official Grimoire: A Magical History of Sunnydale "is the first and only truly comprehensive collection of every magical moment from all seven seasons of Buffy".

Woot! Sounds like excellent good fun!

And am I allowed to say this here?: My husband and I have been watching the "Sharpe" series from the late 1990s, and suddenly I saw that Alexis Denisof had a key role in a couple of the episodes. He plays a nobleman who is kind of a jerk, but actually seems to have a moral compass. He looks a bit different, but the sound of his voice is totally him!
Ham yeah everyone ever pops up in Sharpe.
Who else? We recognized John Tams because we're folkies, and the guy who was Sharpe's psychopathic enemy in the early eps. Oh, Julian Fellows. Obviously Sean Bean.
Well, Elizabeth Hurley was in one episode/TV movie as a English noblewoman being held for ransom that Sharpe and the 75th Rifles have to save...I think she was the fiancee of Alexis Denisof's character.
As much as I'm a fan of Willow, I'd need to see a sample of the actual material before I'd consider pulling the trigger on this. Too many authors don't even remotely get her "voice" right.

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