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March 28 2017

Simon Pulse to publish new Buffy spin-off series. Kiersten White will author the series, which will focus on a brand new Slayer from the group of Potentials whose powers were awoken in the show's series finale. Slayer will launch in the fall of 2018.

Great idea. Maybe it'll be revealed the Movie Buffy (whose real name was something else) had a daughter and she got to be Chosen. It might even lead to TV, and the Slayer saga can continue without Miss Summers, who'll be busy training new Watchers, too.
A new Slayer is a solid basis for a spinoff. I look forward to hearing more about it.
Wow! So this is canon? Right? Please let this be canon.
I just asked the author on twitter if it'll be set in the canon Season 8-11 comics... He replied with a definite YES. I wonder how involved Joss was in this. I hope he approves and will glance the novels over. I'm super stoked!

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@Fred_Sonja That's so cool! Thanks for reaching out to her. This sounds promising.
The setting might be to fit canon, but there isn't any whisper of Joss or an official canon seal in the interview and if it had been given that status I'd bet they'd have said so.

I'm not sure about it personally, there are plenty of characters I'd read about but I'll look at reviews before buying I think (unless the canonicity is confirmed).
From what I recall Joss had final approval on all the Buffy books back in the day. I think.
I think there is a difference though between giving the OK for something to be produced (which I think has to happen but can just go through his office or the like to make sure it has nothing within it he would not be happy to be printed) and giving something canonicity. I just think it would have been said if they could, no?? :s
Honestly? I think it probably didn't occur to them to explicitly state that it's canon. They assumed it was a given. It's only the die-hards like us who would notice.
Ha, you may well be right Simon. Still, I'd like to hear them say it. :D
Some of my favourite Buffy books were the Tales of the Slayer ones, which were short stories about slayers of the past. Colour me intrigued.

Now if anyone were to try bringing the Buffyverse back to the screen, I'd be completely behind this approach.
The author tagged Joss in a tweet, so that does lead me to get the impression he at least gave the okay for this, like he did back in the day for all the other books.

As for this series fitting into the comics canon, I'm assuming it will take place pre-Season 8 or very early Season 8. I'm just expecting nods to the Slayer army and vamps being out of the coffin.
If this were to setup a TV spinoff taking place around Season 8, I would be very interested.
Given it is a new slayer whose name we do not know and whom the author has said she cannot yet tell us, my assumption is that even if canon it will rarely need to refer to it, save for context. This slayer will almost certainly be out on her own, not often interacting- if at all- with the core Scoobies, or so would be my guess. Thus, the author has free reign to go where her muse takes her in a larger universe.
Joss has given his okay for every single licensed Buffy product ever released. I believe it's part of his contract with Fox. If he didn't write it and he doesn't specifically say it's canon, then it's not.

That doesn't mean it won't be worth reading.
Canon is also more complicated than Joss just giving something an 'OK'. His 'OK' is essentially just to allow something to exist/be marketed. Doesn't make it canon. This applies to various novels and comics that are not considered part of the official Buffyverse canon.

A list of canon Buffyverse works are here:
Ah, the Canon argument. You guys shouldn't worry too much unless Disney decides to buy everything. :P
I am an old hand at the canon argument. :-)
Canon or not, hope it's better than the last couple of tie-in books I read.
There has never yet been a canon Buffy prose book. This would be the first, if Joss says so.

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