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March 28 2017

The Bones series finale is tonight. David Boreanaz's twelve year run as Seeley Booth comes to a end.

I believe David also directed tonight's final episode.

Good run. Kudos to the cast and crew.
I thought the show had finished up years ago. No snark intended.
I thought it was a well-done end episode. They brought back so many cast members- all the intern squints, for example. The resolved some issues- and may I say Michaela Conlin never looked better. They had a call-out to Sweets, and they left the story open for the future. Nicely done. There were times when you could see cast members crying in scenes- maybe it was part of the scene, but you also knew it was real. The ensemble had been together for years, and it showed.
Both was a routine episode in that the actual plot was pretty straight-forward usual, and also a special ep. in that the interns had to solve the skeleton connection on their 5-sided own.
Always find it a shame when great actors spend over a decade on these procedural shows. Nathan Fillion, David Boreanaz, even Vincent Donofrio is showing us how incredible he is with Daredevil and more at the moment and he always seemed dull as dishwater to me on Law and Order. The fact that Fillion played Castle for as long as he did was such a waste.
I was pretty sick last night,so I couldn't watch it but I did record it so when I feel better,I'll watch.

DB will always be Angel to me but he will always be Seeley Booth to me just as much.
I thought it ended on a bland note, then this morning read that Boreanaz mentioned it was intentionally left open so they could do future reunion shows if they wanted. I guess with Prison Break coming back, they're keeping their options open.
If Mr Boreanaz ever stops getting hired as an actor, he would do well as a director.
He handled the rescue scenes with all the extras, the action scenes and especially scenes with fellow actors (probably because of years of trust) equally well and kept things moving. It may have been past Bones time to end, but it was a satisfying one.

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