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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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April 16 2004

Oz becomes a Crank Yanker, Seth Green joins the cast of Comedy Central's Crank Yankers this season as the voice of Travis Grummin.

For those unfamiler with the show here's the plot outline: A show with real 'crank' phone calls to real victims. Puppets are added as the 'actors' to give visual support to what is happening in the phone calls.

Okay... I believe you and all, but where does it say that? I just bounced around on that site for ages trying to find Seth. Do you have a direct page link?
yeah i couldnt find anything about him being on there either.............
It was on an ad for Crank Yankers on comedy central but if you want other conformation goto Crank Yankers at he is listed alphabetically.

I don't know on which episode(s) he will be appearing on yet. They just mention new season episodes featuring him and others in the ad. Crank Yankers is a series of shorts, done by a lot of people, so it's hard to tell what sketch will be in what episode until it's about to air.

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hehe! i love Cranker Yankers and Seth! YAY!

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