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March 30 2017

Joss Whedon to direct Batgirl movie. So says Variety. As do who have news about which Batgirl will be in the movie.

Really wanted to see that WWII horror script, but Abrams got the jump and is doing a similar project next year. Would love to see some new original content, but new Joss is new Joss.
Some people seem to be worried because of the state of DCEU.

I'm not.

If Joss writes and directs Batgirl I'm sure it will be great. I just wanted something new and original from him right now.
WOW,was not expecting this.
I gave up on DC after the Superman debacle,
then they were doing Batman.
I gave up on DC after the Batman/Superman disaster,
then they were doing Harley Quinn.
I gave up on DC after the Suicide Squad awfulness,
then they were doing Wonder Woman.
I gave up on DC before the Wonder Woman travesty,
now they've got Batgirl and Joss?
Honestly . . . .

If this goes the way I think it will, this is gonna be Joss Whedon going to war with the alt-right. Whether that's his intention or not.

I hope DC has the stomach for that fight.
If it's true, I don't know why he'd trust the WB producers one iota. They screw up everything with their meddling and idiocy :P, which we know he hates. But since he's producing maybe he worked out a "do not touch" deal?
Would rather see him do a Black Widow flick.
My take - girls have a lot to be angry about. Including bat girls. I'm not talking specifically any country politics, I just feel like half the planet is underestimated (or rather undermined).
Remember when Joss was announced for Avengers at almost exactly the same date--April 1? Everyone thought it was a prank. Who's laughing now I say! Bring it on, Joss, Bring. It. On.
The tweet was deleted really quick, so call my skeptical.
Well OK, I'm bitter and pessimistic lately.

Ah, as I click around, I see the deal still isn't sealed, so we'll see.
I'm... cautiously optimistic? I haven't liked a DC movie since The Dark Knight, but if anyone were to change that, it would be Joss.

That said, I feel like this announcement will make a lot of people not happy. Although I personally felt Joss did quite well by Black Widow in AoU, I feel like those who were not happy will be very vocal about this.

(And, as much as I adore Joss, I would agree with the notion that it would be great to see a woman direct one of the biggest female superhero properties.)
After Simon said, "so says Variety",
I expected the Battlestar Galactica response, "So say we all".

(I would actually prefer Fray over Batgirl, but its all good.)

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I have to admit I'm disappointed. The DCEU is a sinking ship, full of terrible films weighing it down. I was hoping for something original.

Or a 'Scarlet Witch and the Vision' film, which I'm sure Marvel would OK if Joss pitched it. They're great characters he brought to life played by great actors.

The Vision and Ultron scene in the forest at the end of Age of Ultron is the single best scene in the MCU in my opinion. I'd love to see Joss further explore his philosophy of the world through the eyes of an android discovering his own views about it. And a woman with powers from a country that was destroyed by an egomaniacal, confused robot would be a very topical concept to follow...
Yes, I also should mention, that above all I've just been thirsting for more original Joss work. So although I remain optimistic about this... there's still some disappointment there too. No matter what, as long as he feels artistically fulfilled by the project, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
"The DCEU is a sinking ship".

Aw, geeze. Can we give the Marvel Mantra a rest for once?
But the DCEU IS A sinking ship. Hell, its sunk.
Guys don't turn this into a Marvel/DC bun fight. And besides ultimately Joss is going back to the organisation who gave him his first big break. And we have something new to talk about. Nostalgia is all very well in small doses.
Just out of curiosity, did anybody see the Killing Joke animated movie?

The extra-long new prologue (before the actual Alan Moore plot kicked in) was supposed to offset the literal and metaphorical damage to Batgirl/Barbara Gordon at the hands of the Joker.


It was GARBAGE. It treated Barbara like a temperamental adolescent, pushed to her limit by a third-rate punk who wouldn't have lasted three seconds on Batman: The Animated Series. She whined to her stereotypical Gay Best Friend, and the mature, complex relationships with her father and Bruce? Nowhere in sight.

If it lasted two minutes longer, I might have left the theater.

(BTW, the actual Killing Joke part of the movie was very good.)

If Joss could undo that disgrace in the public imagination, I'm all in.
Oh yeah that Killing Joke movie did no one any favors.
For reference

"Sources tell EW that this version will be Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and the movie will use the DC Comics “New 52” version of the character as a starting point."
Um, I love Joss - but I'm waiting til the ink dries on the contract and maybe even after reviews are in for the movie. As much as I want to be excited, most recent DC movie choices did little to impress.

My money is saved for some original Joss content away from meddlesome studios. Or a Black Widow, Vision or Loki movie (just imagine the dialogue/acting/char dev...)
It's his choice, but it's also a little disappointing. I've never been interested in seeing him playing in somebody else's sandbox. He has created one of the greatest television universes of all time - just look at the recent month - so it just feels wasted.

If it's true.
It feels oddly timed, but hey i remember feeling the same when the avengers news was announced. But yeah, I'll wait til things are actually signed before I get too excited.
Woohoo!! Saw the headline in my newsfeed and ran right over to The Black. This is great news!! Can't wait to see Joss' take on the character. I hope it comes to fruition!
Man's gotta eat. Bills gotta get paid. Not that Joss is hurting for money. Also he gets to finally make a Bat movie. Who knows maybe he can direct the sequel to The Batman.
Yay, New Category.

Can we have Joss co-writing this with Gail Simone.
Boy, you should see Gail Simone's twitter feed! I hope beyond hope that they get to collaborate on this. How cool would that be?!
I am happy for Joss that he can write and direct a Batgirl movie. However, as a fan I was hoping he would do a 10-13 episode arc on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or Showtime. Buffy was so outstanding due to its great character development. In one 2 hour movie, you cannot have much, if any character growth. Also, this means no more Dr. Horrible in the foreseeable future.
"Can we have Joss co-writing this with Gail Simone."
Numfar PTB

Hellz yeah! But what ever came of the "19th Century Steampunk/Batwoman-ish" comicbook? Or was kiddin'?
Maybe some of that will work its way into the Batgirl movie.
@Rowan Hawthorn: Everybody can see that the current DCU is doing really poorly. It's a popular opinion, not some Marvel fanboy mantra. (No one thought Nolan's TDK movies were doing badly, and DC television shows - which are very different from the DCU movies and not even the same continuity - seem to be doing well.) Man of Steel was far from great, and Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were both awful. DCU has suffered from poor writing, poor plotting, poor characterization, too much dourness and grimdark, and too much Zack Snyder.

But if anyone can turn that around, Joss chould be able to do it. It seems like an attempt to bring in someone who can write well, and specifically write humor and wit well.
I hope it isn't true. Joss has been talking about his need to make something original (and ours as well) for some time now, I would find this news disappointing if it's true.

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Yeah Joss and Synder together, even remotely like this, feels...wrong.
Plot: a once positive and optimistic Barbara Gordon turns ever more dark and dour after the events of "new 52", but in the third act she overcomes her fears and anguish to both return to the person she once was and defeat a combover'ed orange'ish joker.

I could be wrong about the joker.
For those bemoaning about him going to WB amidst the mixed reactions to the DCEU films released thus far, the studio underwent some executive changes almost four months ago. Toby Emmerich, who headed the New Line division, got promoted to co-CEO and is regarded as more filmmaker-friendly. James Wan and Matt Reeves are enjoying creative freedom on their "Aquaman" and "The Batman" films as a result of this and their track records.

Joss is no fool. He's not going to put up with the same baloney Ike Perlmutter pushed on him while he was filming "Ultron", and he has two consecutive $1 billion dollar films to his name. WB is going to let him write and direct "Batgirl" his way, and I'd be shocked if he left the production.
I thought The Batman was on permanent hold?
I just have a feeling of dread about this. The usual suspects are already sharpening their knives on Twitter to go after Joss no matter what he does. I also can't imagine Joss being given the freedom in the Batman franchise to do his best work.

I want to see him working on something where he has much more creative control. I can only hope there is a deal that involves him doing a franchise movie and then filming something which is completely his own.
Yes, well, those people would be sharpening their knives is Joss announced he was releasing a cookbook.
@Grack21: No, it wasn't put on permanent hold. Affleck dropped out as director in January, and Matt Reeves entered negotiations to direct the following month. Negotiations fizzled between Reeves and WB, as one of the sticking points in Reeves' contract was creative freedom. But they came back to negotiate and he's signed on, but he won't start work until he finishes work on "War for the Planet of the Apes" in mid-June. Filming won't start until 2018.

Considering that WB wants another DC film to start filming this year, I suspect they want "Batgirl" to fill the void. Joss is an incredibly quick writer.
I agree 100% with Nico-Angel.

Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie never happened so I will wait until I am sitting in the theater watching the movie to believe the news.

DC has had numerous failures. The Dark Knight Rises was laughably bad, check out Honest Trailers breakdown of the movie for details. DC has not produced a good movie since.

Marvel's Netflix series have met with criticism for having pacing issues. Iron Fist has been panned whole by critics. MCU has been criticized for having bland villains with the exception of Loki.

I want to read Joss Whedon's Twist comic. I wish he would take the project to Image.
I too would choose the joss-original-universe Netflix series if I got to pick his projects, but I'm sure they offered him something very creatively tempting for this--it's not like he's hard up for work. It would be very cool if he got Gail Simone involved with this. And I hope hope hope he gets lots of diversity behind the camera as well as in front of it.
I would have thought Joss saying he doesn't like the netflix season binge model would have put the kibosh on people hoping for him to do a netflix series.
How ironic that as his signature TV show is celebrating its 20th anniversary, Joss is now at the stage in his career where no matter what he might do next, vast swaths of his fans will be disappointed just because it won't be precisely what they personally wanted him to do next. (Not even going to touch on those who are already raising the bar of their expectations for how 'progressive' he must be too high.)
Yay? Was really looking forward to see something original from Joss, but oh well.

Personally I am sick to death of superhero films. DC or Marvel. But it's good to see them slowly start to produce female-character led films.
After Batgirl he'll probably make Hamlet in a day or something.
We can only hope Simon. I'd love to see a JW version of Hamlet.
Hamlet in a day... as a ballet!
A basic factual question has me puzzled. EW claims, "Joss Whedon will write and direct ..." while the other sources only say "direct"--do we know which it is?

(Snarky aside: Or have writers become so invisible to the public that no one cares any more who writes a movie?)

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I am still happy to have an excuse to come back to the nlack for fresh Joss news. With all of the Buffy retrospectives, it is nice to hope for a new Whedon project. If this goes through and I hope it will, there are a lot of opportunities to explore subverting institutional oppression from within. This could be very interesting.
"popular opinion".

Yeah, that means SO much. I think I need to just quit reading the internet altogether.

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I think Joss would also write the movie, unless he can collaborate with a writer he has a close personal working relationship with. He's not going to just direct some hacked-out script Warner Bros. hands him. Honestly, when big studios hand out script assignments they go with who's available, not who's best.

I'm really surprised by this, TBH. I thought sure he would use his newfound Hollywood mojo to do a passion project. I know he's always wanted to do a female-driven superhero film, but... if anybody could have done a big-budget original film in the past several years it would have been James Cameron or Joss.

I'm guessing we can forget about Twist, or the Giles miniseries.
AndrewCrossett; while she has said she has not been consulted, I think Joss working with Gail Simone- and who better?- would be really great.
After sleeping on it, I'm excited for this movie.
I'm a big fan of Gail Simone, going back to her run on Birds of Prey. But she's never written a feature film script... just some animated episodes. I think more likely Joss would write the script based on her version of the character, maybe with her as consultant.

If she had a really impressive treatment and Joss wanted to fight on her behalf, though, it could happen.
Agree. It has been fun to read her twitter feed yesterday and today. I think she would be up for it, and she herself has admitted she does not have screen-writing skills. But, hey, it's Batgirl, and that is sort of her baby. I think they have a similar ethos.
Gail Simone was recently interviewed by Nerdist's Comic Book Club. She discussed not wanting to be "the chick who writes chick comics", and her many upcoming independent projects as well as her ongoing projects.

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