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March 30 2017

(SPOILER) Sneak peak of Agents of SHIELD 4x16 "What If..." A scene from the next episode airing on April 4.

With special guest star Brett Dalton.

Creepy, creepy, creepy.
Ooh, Brett gives me a case of the wardies!
I'm really excited for this arc.
It will be well done and I still won't care because I am sick. & tired. of Ward. That said it was
interesting that this is pre-Terrigenesis Skye and not Daisy. Makes sense to me fwiw.

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Ohhh, sooo looking forward to this. That was a wonderfully tense scene. And damn if it isn't good to see Ward again! Very excited for this story arc.
Would you believe me that this scene went pretty much exactly as I was imagining it from what we had seen in the previous one? I expected her to freak out on seeing him, have an immediate defensive reaction of trying to quake him, and learn that she has no powers, only for him to confused as to WTF she's doing. I expected her to be called Skye in this reality, too. The only thing I didn't see coming is Ward imitating her quake-attempt gesture - 'oh, is that a thing we do now?' LOL

Which is not a bad thing at all! On the contrary! Sometimes it's nice to be surprised, but sometimes it gives you real satisfaction to see you had the right instincts. I was hoping she'll have no powers in the Framework, because that just makes things a lot more interesting, without her being able to solve problems that way.

Now I can't wait to see her reaction to May... who may even be the Director of Hydra? Certainly seemed like one of the leaders.

@Jas: It's good to see him. And it's good to see so much of him. ;)

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I don't usually watch these sneak peeks because I want to be surprised but god damn, it's been 6 weeks and I needed my fix.

Ward doing the hand gesture was adorable. He's undoubtedly a piece of manure in the real world (or used to be) but I'm totally okay with him staying this cute in the Framework. I think it's likely too just to shake up Daisy some more.

Not much longer now...

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