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April 01 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A new identity for an old face. Find out who is the Framework Head of HYDRA.

Wow that's, uh, weird, considering she was in The Wolverine. Some of these character rights stuff still makes no sense.

But, yay!
@Grack21: MCU continuity has nothing to do with the Fox movies continuity.
It appears that Viper in the film world no longer has any ties to Madame Hydra.
Oh I know they're unrelated, just the issue of who has the rights to different versions of characters confuses me sometimes.
I read years ago Fox can use Viper and Marvel Madame Hydra. Same weird character rights issue as Quicksilver.
I'm surprised that they're willing to spoil so many of the Framework twists through promo materials (posters, promo pictures) and articles. Maybe it's a tactic to garner more attention for the last arc, they need to go all in and try to get good ratings. But if you don't want to be further spoiled, don't look at the promo posters if you haven't seen them already. Seriously, don't.

They've also apparently shown episode 16 at Wondercon, and cast and crew interviews on Youtube are full of spoilers, too.
Agents of SHIELD spoils a lot in their promo campaigns. Sometimes the marketing seems clumsy to me. The whole fallen agent arc last season for example.

They seem to be announcing too much stuff in advance and ruined some surprises in the past. :/
@roadi: But the Fallen Agent promos, while annoying, were not really a spoiler, since it was established in episode 15 that someone would die, and this was played out in the following episodes as well, especially the two-partee finale.
"Spoilers" don't even seem to be a thing anymore in this age of constant leaks and Netflix series where a whole season comes out at once. The idea of letting a story unfold seems outdated now... like people won't watch a story unless they know how it comes out, because otherwise they might waste time watching a show they won't like.
@AndrewCorsett: For network shows perhaps. Some smaller shows like Orphan Black and Mr Robot have an iron grip on almost everything so practically nothing is revealed early. Even promos for Mr Robot are more confusing then anything.
Well, to be fair, these spoilers I'm talking about are not so much "what will happen" but "who these characters are/what they are like in the Framework". But I still would have expected them to keep some of these hidden until the episode airs, since some of them are what I'd call a twist.

On the other hand, Clark Gregg said in one of the interviews at Wondercon that episode 16 is almost like another pilot, setting up a whole new universe, so maybe they're looking at it like that (they did apparently screen the episode at Wondercon, just like they did with the pilot and later episode 1.16 at one of the cons, I think), and trying to draw some interest with "wait till you see this character/this version of that character you know" type promotion?

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Weird since MAdame Hydra originally stole the Viper identity from the Eel's brother.

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