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April 04 2017

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is excited for Joss Whedon's Batgirl. She told the Toronto Sun "the tone of Joss' work is great for female superheroes. He takes such a fun approach and I think he'll have fun in the DC universe, which will be excited to have him.".

Here's to hoping her own offering to the DCU is a significant improvement over the crop of duds that have preceded it.
Of all the DCU films past and upcoming (Batgirl excluded), WW is the one that makes me the most hopeful. WW was the best part of BvS and the trailers for her movie have blown all the other DCU trailers out of the water for me. Also, that theme song!
I'd like to see Jenkins and Whedon lead the way to a new, more fun philosophy of movie making at DC. Ever since "Batman Begins" I think DC has had this idea that grimdark is what audiences want to see in every movie. But they're wrong.
It does give me hope that DC will discard the crap they've offered up since Batman Begins. Joss was very instrumental in setting the tone for the Marvel movies, which have been more successful than DC movies, because they're actually good.
Since Batman Begins?! Nolan's Batman movies were great - well, maybe not The Dark Knight Rises, but The Dark Knight was certainly amazing. It's the new DCU since Man of Steel that's been offering crap.
The Nolan movies were dark and very grim in tone though - I think his point was that the success of those movies led the WB to think that grim was always the way to go.
I think the success of Nolan's films definetly pushed WB to think a darker more serious approach was the way to go...but it is worth pointing out that the first Nolan films did have some humour in them.
(Alot Bruce's interactions with Fox and Alfred, the 'does it come in black?' line etc, and a large part of made Ledger's Joker work was that he could jump between being funny to terrifying in the space of a couple of lines.)

And that's what the current DC films appear to have forgotten, because Nolan' films are remembered as these big serious epics they try to capture that feeling while forgetting that what helped balance Nolan's films was the moments of humour.
I really, really want both these films to be great.
The Nolan films aren't superhero films, either. None of the characters have super powers. That's a big part of why his more down-to-earth, gritty directing approach works in those films. They tried to copy the same formula onto Man of Steel and it was largely a dud (among other reasons).
I preferred the Tim Burton take on Batman. Dark may work for Batman, but not Superman. It better not b e the tone for Wonder Woman. On TV, Arrow kind of sucks, because it puts dark before story and character development.
Theory: Joss Whedon's Batgirl is actually a secret Birds of Prey movie. Or Batgirl is the launching pad for a Birds of Prey movie.
Joss himself has said that his pitch to reboot batman after schumacher's run would have been very much like Nolan's Batman Begins. He also said he favored Nolan's Batman Begins to The Dark Knight because (I can't remember exactly but I know he prefered Begins to Knight) because the first one focused on Batman and his character's pain.

As for fun loving, Joss has made fun of himself for being mopey and depressing in a lot of his work. If you think about it, Angel is basically Batman as a vampire.

As for Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy not being supernatural, The Joker was a character with no DNA, no possible way the police could identify him as a person, he was essentially just a force of nature, a force of chaos.

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Birds of Prey would work much better as a TV series. (Gail Simone version, please.) They tried it about 15 years ago, but they really dropped the ball on that one.

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