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April 04 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x17 Promo "Identity and Change." Is there an escape?

Convincing Mack to voluntarily exit the Framework is gonna be tough. And heartbreaking. :( If anyone is gonna choose to let their body in the real world die and hope to continue living on in the Framework, it'll be him.

Mace is still SHIELD -- cool !
Two characters I've totally forgotten.
Mace is the hero he always wanted to be. It's pretty clear that was his regret/wish fulfillment.
Yes Virginia, there is an Escape Clause.
One of the the things Daisy/Skye said in the previous episode is really creeping me out. She described how within an hour of arriving in The Framework she was taking on and accepting the vicious persona that AIDA had assigned to her.

Originally, I thought AIDA had wiped everyone's memories and simply forced in new fake histories, memories and biographies. That is bad enough.

The creepy thought is AIDA simply dropping intact virtual people into this fictitious world; and within a few weeks, people's own minds simply adapting to accommodate this new "reality". No matter how horrifying or gruesomely evil it is. Eventually, people simply accept it as the new normal and they self rewire to provide an internally consistent narrative to themselves of who they are and how they got here.

I find that an enormously powerful commentary on the real world that is occurring around us. When absolutely everything we experience is telling us, "Yes, this insanity is normal. Accept it and live with it." How do we stand against the seduction of wanting the events in our lives to make rational sense, when they do not?
Beautiful, RobynH!

I do love that the current episodes are finally about things occurring in the real world.

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