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April 11 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x18 Promo "No Regrets." This is my home, I'm not gonna let you destroy it.

Telling Ward the truth is...REALLY not gonna go down well. He may doubt Simmons and Skye/Daisy at first, but if put in a situation where they're pressed and NEED to get him to trust them, there are things they could tell him about himself and his past that no one could possibly know short of being telepathic (although, hmm...then he would just assume they're Inhumans, not from an alternate reality). His sense of self-preservation is gonna kick in and he's gonna ruin everything by either betraying them to Hydra (so that they won't escape, potentially shut down the Framework, and end him), or attempting to somehow find a way into the main MCU. Maybe by body-jumping into one of the leads (if Mack stays for Hope and willingly leaves his body behind, hmmm...Henry Simmons playing Ward-in-Mack's-body next year?).

I can see striking a deal with Aida. She could easily build him an LMD-Ward body, which is where I thought they might go with this after the stinger in last season's finale. But it was too obvious a thing to do and too soon after Ward had died mid-season and Hive had died by season's end.

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"there are things they could tell him about himself and his past that no one could possibly know short of being telepathic"

Anything they could tell him after his past would be likely just to be something he told Skye anyway in the Framework. He told her things in the real world anyway, he's all the more likely to have told her those things and more in a reality where they have been dating for years.
True. Right down to his troubled family, his pyro tendencies (there WAS an incident with fire long before present day Ward killed his parents in a fire, if I'm remembering right), and his recruitment by Garrett, I suppose there would've been no reason to keep any of that secret, once Hydra took over and Garrett died in the Framework reality.

Okay, then I guess there's nothing Simmons and Daisy can do to convince Ward they ain't nuts or conning him. Daisy might be able to convince him on account of him being in a relationship with Framework-Skye (still kinda curious to know what she was like), maybe.

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