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April 12 2017

SyFy Australia celebrates 20 years of Buffy with gorgeous promo. The post also announces airing all seasons on the network programming soon.

SyFy UK have been using that for a couple of weeks now, and are currently showing every episode cut to bits, and in HD. The HD is depressing because when it's good it looks fantastic, but when it's wrong it's really really bad.
Cool promo.

@bivith, what do you mean "showing every episode cut to bits"? They cut the episodes for time?
I... would really like some cake now.
@Ricardo L. as the episodes are being aired before 9pm, they are cutting out a lot of the violence so each episode has some awkward scene cuts in them.

I love this promo, but I also saw it a few weeks ago as I live in the UK.
Cut for content. They are shown at 4 in the afternoon, so hefty amounts if language, violence and sex is cut.
Wow, Australia must have some harsh TV censorship laws given that Buffy aired on a TV network for teenagers in the '90s/early '00s in the united states. I don't know what they would find to cut from episodes... except maybe some Spike/Buffy sex in Season 6.
@libradude, they're referring to the episodes being censored in the U.K. not Australia. It may be the case for Aus as well as it's the SyFy network but I've never noticed it myself. The UK has been cutting Buffy eps for years.
@vampmogs My question remains: what content is there to cut? Buffy may have been a bit edgey for the '90s, but hardly today. Are these networks just airing older edited episodes? Certain networks in the U.S. edit Buffy as well-- but for time reasons mostly (not content).
@libradude scenes like Angelus snapping Jenny's neck have been cut, which is understandable. I just wished they'd also air the episodes later at night uncut.
I don't know what they need to cut. There was more blood (or blood-like substance) in the promo than there was in the entire series.
The BBC originally aired Buffy at 6:45pm, which meant it got a lot of younger fans. I discovered it when I was 10 and had lots of friends who had already been watching it for years.

As for what they cut? Spike's language, for one. He swears a lot if you're British. They cut some violent sound effects (in particular I remember Vampire Willow snapping another vampire's fingers silently) and a few seconds of footage here and there. When I watched Season 6 on DVD I discovered a whole lot more sex scenes than I remembered. I watched Season 7 on Sky and saw Warren getting flayed for the first time in a 'Previously' segment.

The scene in 'Dead Man's Party' where Giles hotwires his own car was even cut in the video release. Thankfully it was included on the DVD.

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