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April 14 2017

Andrew Chambliss named one of the new co-showrunners for AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead'. He will take the role starting on the just announced Season 4 of the show.

He's a very good writer. He's written some of the best episodes of Angel and Agents of SHIELD. Too bad he's moved up to this show. FTWD lost me in the first half of season Season 2, with the boring soccer mom and the mobsters.
Are there two people/writers with that name? According to IMDb, the one I know of wrote for "Dollhouse", but never for "Angel" or "AoS".
@Nebula1400: What are you talking about? Andrew Chambliss never wrote for either Angel or Agents of SHIELD. He wrote for Dollhouse, Spartacus, Once Upon a Time and The Vampire Diaries, and the Buffy comics.

Did you confuse him with someone else? Maybe Brent Fletcher? Only Fletcher, Jeffrey Bell and Joss Whedon have written for both AtS and AoS, as far as I know.

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Andrew Chambliss is also a great writer from Dollhouse, Spartacus and the Buffy comics :D

He's a really good writer, I think he's great at moving the chess pieces of writing around without making it feel like you're watching chess. In some other shows I've left like you can SEE (well hear) where the writers need characters to end in XYZ position for XYZ plot reason, but with Chambliss it feels natural. He also has a great handle on character voice.
Sorry Not Angel. You're right. He wrote for Dollhouse.
Blimey, is this still going? I gave up half way through season 2 too and even that was me being generous! :D
Season 3 hasn't aired yet. They're swapping the producers for season 4, which is this set of changes.

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