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April 17 2017

Firefly shout-out in recent episode of Powerless on NBC. The writers give Alan Tudyk an opportunity to say hello to some old friends midway through S1 Ep7, "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" (link is to episode playback at

It comes near the top of Act 3, roughly at the 14:30 mark.

Gotta love it when a Firefly reference seems SO obvious...but then you realize that 90+% of the viewers would have absolutely no idea that they just missed an easter egg.
Gotta say, been enjoying this show immensely so far. Imo it's the Guards! Guards! of superhero television.
For the benefit of those who outside the US, what was said?
Love this show, especially as a fan of Alan and Danny. Sad that it's probably gonna be cancelled.
@Simon: Tudyk's character starts name-checking the various extras peopling the office in one scene -- Kay, Lee, Malcolm, Zoe, Simon, etc. (In keeping with his character, he probably has all of the names wrong.)
Oh cool, thanks.
Having not seen any episodes yet, would I be ok watching it this week? I'm intrigued.
@Jocelyn: probably ok, as the characters are fairly broad archetypes* and there isn't a huge amount of backstory that's necessary. I'm not a huge fan of the show as a whole but I do enjoy watching Tudyk's performance.

* I'm trying to be charitable here.
fairly broad archetypes*

There's nothing wrong with having definable character archetypes in a show, so long as they're used in an entertaining fashion.

Imo this show uses them in an entertaining fashion.
I've watched the episode twice, but I can't find it.
tomg: Thanks! I'll try to remember to turn on the TV to the appropriate channel.

NickSeng: why do you think it's going to be cancelled?

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