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April 18 2017

Marvel's Kevin Feige comments on Joss working on 'Batgirl' for DCEU. "We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome", these comments were made for several press outlets during an open house event at Marvel Studios.

Full quote:

"He called. A couple months ago, which he didn't have to do and was super cool of him and super nice of him," Feige said. "And we couldn't be more supportive. We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome."

I don't think there's any bad blood between Marvel and DC, so why wouldn't he? Then there's all the $$$'s Joss made for them.
Good superhero movies whet the appetite for more superhero movies, so what's good for DCEU is probably good for MCU as well.
What ActualSize said.Marvel Studios wants all superhero films from other studios to do well because it helps create excitement for their films.
I don't think there is bad blood between Marvel and DC so much as, uh, there WAS some internally at Marvel, that was resolved.
It's funny-- people associate Joss with The Avengers so much now, but prior to signing on to direct the first one, he was always more of an X-Men and Batman characters guy. This whole MCU/DCU thing never seemed to effect that. He has been wanting to direct a Batman-type film for years. Part of the reason he and David Greenwalt created ANGEL was that they wanted to do a Batman-type TV Series (which is especially apparent in the first season).
If Batgirl succeeds, which I still believe is a secret Birds of Prey movie, then it gives Feige and Marvel more fuel in making a strong Captain Marvel movie.

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