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April 20 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #6. This issue is called "Back to the Wall".

Seems like the conflict they're setting up here is a remix of season 9, where the breaking of the seed left magical creatures cut off. Additionally, this machine their building works kind of like Severin did, so in addition to cutting them off from magic it drains them dry too.

I'm surprised they didn't reference that (or consider what effect this machine might have on Dawn given the crisis they had at the end of season 9), but I do like the idea. I'm always holding out hope that the Buffy comics bring us closer to the Fray future with a crazed Dark Willow and a world without magic.
Sorry, but viewed in the light of Willow[s growth in S-7 to 10, I find GrayWillow to be an obscenity. Joss really should take a 1632/Island in the Sea Of time approach to Buffy's little trip forward.

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