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April 25 2017

'Powerless' disappears from NBC's schedules. Two episodes of the (presumably) cancelled Alan Tudyk show have still to air.

Darn. I liked that show.
Didn't watch it, but... they couldn't even air the final 2 episodes of a 12-episode season? The ratings were bad, but not catastrophic... it had roughly the same number of viewers as AoS.
I hope the last two eps eventually make it to some streaming distribution (I've been watching it on Hulu+). This was not my favorite show, but I did enjoy Tudyk's performance -- his versatility and range really are amazing to behold.

Comedy (and the approach to it) is one of the stark* differences between the Marvel and DC realms, in my view, with Marvel handling it much better. I am not terribly surprised that this show failed to find a sizeable audience, and it won't break my heart that there will no new stories for these characters. But I do hope that Alan gets more regular work soon (and that any possible WGA strike is short-lived and improves the conditions for writers).

*No pun intended.
@AndrewCrossett: I don't think it did, since AoS is on 10 pm and usually doubles or even more than doubles its ratings when DVR viewers are added. It also has a better demo rating. I don't know how many more viewers Powerless gets, but probably not that many, since its timeslot was 8.3p I think? And just going by the buzz online, doesn't seem to have much of a fanbase. Besides, everyone is saying that ABC shows are generally doing bad in ratings.

Where is the poster who's the expert for ratings and TV policies? We need him.
Powerless fell in L+SD in both 18-49 and total viewers every week staring around 1.1 in 18-49 and ending as low as a .5. In L+7 it tended to add 30% to it's ratings which is not impressive at all. AOS does around .7 for a full hour in 18-49 in a much tougher time-slot with a lot less people watching TV and consistently adds well over 100% to its ratings in L+7 putting in the top shows that are heavily DVR'd every week.

Basically there is no comparison between the 2 shows.

I liked the couple eps I sampled on Hulu (because Alan) but it was never going to be appointment TV for me since there were at least 3 other shows on network TV alone at that time I would prioritize ahead of Powerless. If a show isn't someone's or anyone's "OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER" these days, it simply won't last long. There is too much great TV and good TV out there for passable TV to live for long.

Get the next one, Alan!
The pilot didn't do anything for me, which is why I had put off continuing the show to this very day. Now I apparently don't have to bother with getting back to it any longer. Too bad, I kinda liked the general idea for this one.
That's a shame. I really liked the show, and it was getting better and better with each episode.

Nobody has any patience anymore, which is annoying because some shows take a little while to find their feet. (Even Cheers back in the day started out with really low ratings.)

And amidst all the cynical doom and gloom of today's world, we really could use more optimistic, hopeful chracters like Vanessa Hudgens' Emily Locke. So chalk up another show cut short before it could really fly..:(

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