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April 26 2017

Nathan Fillion reveals more details about his 'Cars 3' character Sterling. He's a marketing genius who buys the once-simple Rust-Eze Racing Center and transforms it into a state-of-the-art training facility.

It will be fun watching Nathan in a car-related project, as recent pointed out, which probably purely coincidental, that we are remembering 10 years of Drive.

That's a very funny article in some ways. Takes itself so seriously. And yet it's about animated cars for heaven's sake. Also it sounds like Nathan will just be playing himself, which is a shame in some ways. He's such a fine actor.
My kid has been waiting for this movie for a year already. He loves these movies, and we have more Disney Pixar Cars toys in my house than I can count. (To be honest, I like 'em too.) Having Nathan in a major role will make it that much more enjoyable for me.

Is this going to be a mini-Drive reunion? As I mentioned in another post, Ben Queen (who cocreated Drive) wrote Cars 2; is he on board for 3?

ETA: Yep. BQ co-wrote the story.

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