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April 27 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x20 Sneak Peek "Farewell, Cruel World!" Again with the soap!

I wonder if there's more to this "soap" thing than just a wacky conspiracy theory. Blue soap = Kree = the Darkhold is a Kree artifact?
@AndrewCrossett: Sometimes a Cheese Man is just a Cheese Man.
I too wonder if the blue soap is more than just a running gag.

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That reminds me of all the insane Cheese Man theories that were out there before Whedon said he just put it in to make no sense.
I would have thought so, but they keep referring to it over and over...
Maybe the blue soap is made with GH-325 as a way to trigger Teregenesis, or to cause other desired effect?
Those are some fun if super contrived crackpots. But really, it's just a running gag, because Coulson is geeky. (And it's been nice to see that side of him back, it's like the Coulson from The Avengers.)

If there's any connection to the Kree, it's maybe because Coulson's has confused, jumbled memories from the real world regarding his resurrection and the TAHITI project, and his brain made that connection between the blue color and memory manipulation.
I'm glad May wants proof of what Coulson is saying and that this won't be a simple conversion to "I believe too!" How is he gonna show her, though ? If they spend some time together (and depending on how many fragments of memories from the real world he can access), maybe he can tell her things about herself and her past (pre-Katja-course-correction) that no one could possibly know...but so far he's only been shown to be suspicious of the Framework reality and things feeling "off" due to being TAHITI'd in the real world.
Yes, it's entirely possible Coulson's distrust of blue soap is due to subconscious memories of TAHITI and the Kree.

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