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May 04 2017

'The Avengers' turns five today. Where does the time go?

In the Eye of Agamotto, for now.
That is US fully Theatrical release with the Schwarma scene, if it was the international release without the Schwarma scene it was last week.
It's still my favourite Marvel movie. And one of my favourite movies full stop.
It's in my Top Five, for sure.
The best superhero movie ever made, to date. But I refuse to believe it was 5 years ago. Fake news. If time is passing that quickly I'll be dead by next Friday.
Gotta say, Guardians 2 is sitting pretty well with me, 12 hours after walking out of the theater. May have to see it a few more times, but yeah, nice way to honor The Avengers' release anniversary.

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