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October 21 2002

Buffy draws the attention of academics. Scholars wonder why BtVS and AtS are so successful and are going to "investigate the cultural significance of the two shows".

I was seriously thinking of going to that conference, I teach in a university and was pondering whether my faculty would pay for me to go. But seeing as I teach computing , they would have told me to sling my hook.
I was also thinking of going. Seems like a great conference. Even Stephanie Zacharek of Salon was there.
I was there, and it wasn't brilliant - Stephanie especially seemed rather uninformed. It was interesting enough though.
Is this the same conference referred to in the above link? I found some of the links in the weekend program particularly interesting. "The Other Side of Willow", Text Versus Subtext, Battle of the Shippers, Slashing The Slayer, or "Extending Your Mind: The Role Of Non-Standard Perlocutionary Acts In Buffy," etc.. Shame they can't post the full papers or event transcripts to the Web for the benefit of those of us on the other side of the pond, but if they made all their findings available, then why would anyone show?

Personally though, between here, Cross & Stake and ATPoBtVS, I think we cover more bases when it comes to dissecting Whedon's work than any team of alleged "experts" could hope to fathom. And that's not including people's individual fan sites. Though most of them are just regurgitations of other fan sites coupled with duplicates of star glamor shots and occasional promises of more information, occasionally a few of them have some valid meat. It would take more than a weekend for any 'expert' of other fields to absorb what we've all contemplated online about this series.
The best papers from the conference will be published eventually, either in Slayage or in a book selected essays from the conference. Stay tuned.

Some papers will also be posted on the conference website in the near future. The thing is, essays people write for conferences are often still a bit rough around the edges at presentation time, so additional revision and sometimes expansion needs to be done before they're ready for publication.

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