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May 04 2017

Hulu officially orders 'Runaways' to series during their upfront presentation. Originally created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the initial pilot order has been expanded to series which will launch this winter. The adult cast include Whedon alums James Marsters, Kevin Weisman (BtVS) and Brigid Brannagh (Angel).

A reason to look forward to Winter.
Cool ! Wonder who Marsters will play. He looks more like Chase's father than anyone else. But that might not be the most prominent role for an actor of his genre status.

Maybe we'll finally get an actual ending this time. The comic book left us hanging. Perhaps the Runaways characters have appeared in other titles since (I stopped reading Marvel -- didn't have enough time + trade paperback collections just piled up -- not long after it ended), but the Runaways comic itself never gave us a conclusion.
@Kris, yes when Marvel announced this on 9th February, they detailed all the cast for The Pride parents and he will play Victor Stein. :)

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Thanks, Stoney, for that info. I've read the links now. Cool, even more familiar faces. Loved Annie Wersching on 24 and Kip Pardue has been entertaining in a few things (his Victor in The Rules of Attraction is something). The parents look very well cast.

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