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May 04 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x21 Sneak Peek "The Return". The conversation got a little awkward.

I was kinda "meh" on the show doing Philinda (especially since it seemed like "why not/how 'bout it after three seasons and a bit for no real reason other than just because they're the two senior cast members"), then I was willing to go along with it and see if there were any sparks or concrete signs of real chemistry...and now I'm back to "meh". Actually, I'm "do not want", full stop.

Remember when Fitz and Simmons were more brother & sister than will-they-or-won't-they back throughout almost the entirety of Season 1 ? It worked out, because the writers wrote it decently enough and the actors sold the heck out of it...but even it seemed unnecessary and forced (to my eyes and ears), initially, way back when they started down that path. I wanted a nod to Simmons' brief crush on Ward post-him-saving-her-life, or an exploration (not necessarily with consummation) of Tripp's crush on Simmons (I forget if the show flirted with it being mutual), or the far-more-interesting dynamic of Mack being gay and crushing on vulnerable Fitz (even if Fitz wasn't gay or bi or maybe just never returned Mack's affection...check out Season 2 again, there's zero to contradict that that was what was going on in Mack's head that year). Could've been a more interesting (and not-oft-explored in action dramas) pairing or at least pining than Mack & Elena. Better than the bone Marvel finally threw us with shortlived Joey.

Aside from the brief Phil/Rosalind pairing, arguably Simmons/Will-the-astronaut, and Ward's obsession with Skye, this show has never conceived romances very well (I still think Fitz/Simmons was forced at first and then grew into something worth exploring because of the actors' talents at doing so, but it still initially smacked of let's-pair-off-the-two-nerds-simply-because-they're-the-only-two-on-The-Bus). Coulson/May looks to continue that trend.


At least there're tons more developments happening during this arc (and if you want interesting pairings, the more wonderfully fucked up AIDA/Fitz, if that's even still a thing anymore now that Fitz has his original memories back...could be that AIDA's just a total stalker now).

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I agree Kris. Also is it just me or has Ming na's line readings been a little....stiff lately. Even the way she said "what's up? You mad I was hydra in there?" Sounds so forced and unnatural for some reason it's a little cringey for me. Maybe it's just the lack of chemistry or clunky dialogue written? But it's not coming off well
I don't care for Philinda and I find their sudden romantic interest in each other in season 4 rather forced. They should have built it up more strongly in previous seasons if they wanted to go that way, and I especially have a problem with how they seem to be trying to now ignore her love and grieving for Andrew, after seasons 2 and 3 made him so important to her.
(This was a pretty funny scene, though. It's nice to have some levity amongdt all the drama.)

But as for FitzSimmons... no, I don't remember them being like brother and sister throughout season 1 (though I guess there are all sorts of brothers and sisters...), in fact the romantic undertones, and the strong hints of Fitz being in love with Simmons since episode 1.6. On the other hand, I didn't see much in the way of any Ward/Simmons romantic vibes until the show threw a little bone to that ship in 3.9 when Simmons admitted she used to be attracted to Ward at the time he saved her. If it had been there, it was sure far less explicit than her brief but blatant attraction to Mike in 1.10. or Fitz' brief and shallow and definitely one-sided crush on Skye, which evaporated in the same episode (1.6) that his feelings for Simmons started to be obvious when she almost died. And it sure would have been a bit too much and awkward to explore anything Biospecialist when there were more than obvious SkyeWard will-they-won't-they vibes since the Pilot (now, *her* attraction to/interest in him in season 1 was really hard to miss right from the start) and Ward sleeping with May for half a season. No need to throw Simmons in the mix, too, especially with Fitz' feelings for her strongly hinted. I'm not a fan of love polygons like that. Especially when, as far as I could see, there was little basis for the Biospecialist thing other than the mere fact he saved her, which is a really poor basis IMO. (If a guy saves a girl, they must hook up? Please, no.) Fortunately the show established that Ward was never interested in Simmons that way.

The Trip/Simmons flirtation always seemed like little more than a plot device to cause Fitz to be jealous and confront his feelings for Simmons. I don't know how much real interest there was supposed to be on her side, she liked him and probably considered him attractive and liked his attention (that was the first time someone on the show was openly showing her romantic interest, other than the Asgardian professor flirting with her a bit), but it never seemed to be very serious, and after Fitz declared his feelings for her in the season 1 finale, it was clear what her priorities were, even when she was still confused how to deal with it and how she felt about Fitz.

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