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May 09 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x22 Promo "World's End." She's going to kill everyone he loves right in front of him...

Cool, but...yeah, hope there's a lot more going on in it than what appears in the trailer. We know we'll have Yo-yo in The Framework, at least, and one or two agents going in after her and Mack. I call shenanigans, though, if only Yo-yo is able to jolt Mack into remembering his real world life through the power of love and all that, when he was already previously surrounded by and interacting with people like Daisy, Simmons, and Coulson who care for him very much (to be fair, except for those few minutes by the exit point, none of THEM were campaigning as hard as Yo-yo probably will be, to get him to return).

I wonder what AIDA will use as method to "burn this world to the ground". She's powerful, but we haven't seen any tech or power she possesses (yet) that would enable her to pose a serious worldwide threat, on a planet with Avengers and Inhumans who could presumably handle her with ease. Unless Ivanov has nukes stowed away somewhere. More likely she'll utilize the Darkhold somehow.

I wonder if they're just gonna save Vijay for next season ? Or it was one of AoS's loose ends that they don't feel is all that worth following up on ? He's alive, and that's enough ?

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" only Yo-yo is able to jolt Mack into remembering his real world life through the power of love and all that"

Simmons was not able to jolt Fitz into remembering his real world life through power of love and all that, no one was actually able to do that just through love/friendship (Coulson only had some memories because of the TAHITI project), so we can be pretty sure they aren't going to be playing that trope with Mack and Elena.

Yep, it's pretty obvious that Vijay is one of the things they're leaving for the next season (which is hopefully going to happen?), just like their promise to bring back Graviton and/or Ian Quinn is obviously not something happening this season.
I still suspect VJ and or Gravitron to be the final tag scene of the season.
Only if they are the Big Bad of season 5 or connected to it - which I don't see being the case. (Every season finale tag scene so far has set up the Big Bad for the next season: season 1 - Daisy's parents, season 2 - Hive, season 3 - Aida.)

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A fully realized Gravitron could make for a Big Bad and VJ's something new for the Inhumans so perhaps.

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