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May 10 2017

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 11 #7 preview pages. The issue is out May 24th.

Nice to see another Special Guest RPG Monster!

(The white-haired grey-skinned spider-centaur, a Drider from D&D.)

(Yes, I'm a nerd.)
I haven't read the Buffy/Angel comics since the Season 8/After the Fall days. How's it doing these days? I have the summer off from school. Would it be worth it to pick it up again? Anyone know how involved Joss is in the books lately?
Joss attends a writers summit every year to hash out the basic plots of the seasons. Beyond that I don't think he has much direct input. I assume he reviews each issue, but I don't know if he gives notes or anything anymore like he did in seasons 8 and 9. But the stories are still canon and he is still executive producer. He's probably about as involved as he was in the last couple seasons of Buffy on TV.

Since season 8 my favorite comics have been the ones written by Christos Gage (Angel & Faith season 9, and Buffy seasons 10 and 11). The rest of it ranges from OK to good.
I'd agree with @AndrewCrossett. I think there has been reference to Joss being contacted at points but the writers' summit is his main involvement. But obviously that reaches across the season for the overall plot and character development plans. Christos has his weaknesses, but he has been the most consistent writer since S8 and the art from Rebekah I like too. They're a good team. Buffy S9 was undoubtedly the weakest for me, but Buffy 10 & 11 are worth getting past it for and it does all still work for a roughly coherent through line for the characters, even if it wasn't the best. :)

Having said that about Buffy S9, I have actually stopped reading Angel 11 to wait for the trades, and that is only because I'm a completist. That was very weak at first imo, too weak to justify buying both digital and hard copies.
I thought seasons 9 and 10 were both very weak. But Buffy season 11 has so far been the most interesting and engaging since mid-season 8. The Angel book, however, is pretty weak at the moment.

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