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May 11 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. renewed for Season 5. The team will be back for another season.

Doing the Dance of Joy right now.
I was about to go to bed but now I'm wide awake. I'll manage. :D
As someone who watches EXACTLY ONE tv show, this makes me very happy.
YES! :) :)
Not a surprise as all the websites have been reporting the rumor, but finally I can breathe a sigh of relief that it's official.
Yes!! Another season with S.H.I.E.L.D., and another season of hanging out with everyone here :)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm still not over Agent Carter (I'll never be over it), but this helps a little.
Glad to hear it - the show has had its ups and downs but has settled into a groove not seen since the Ward reveal (IMO)back in S2. Happy that some good people get to keep working, make a few bucks, tell some more stories .... I'll tune in this fall to see what's next
Awesome... hoping to hear confirmation that it's a full 22 episode order.
Crap. Hollywood Reporter is saying they are cutting costs which usually means lower VFX expenditures and cast reductions.
@johanna oh I hear you there.
Glad to hear this news.
Awesome. Especially coming off the best season.
Good news. This season has been firing on all cylinders. And regarding cutting costs, well that's what happened to Angel Season 5 and it went out on a creative high.
The cost-cutting makes sense when one considers how much money ABC is pumping into INHUMANS. Cutting expenses can make a show focus on characters and relationships rather than special effects, and that's a good thing in my book. It seemed like FOX was barely financially supporting Dollhouse Season 2 (and I sitll maintain they only renewed it to avoid Firefly-type outrage). Even so, most agree Season 2 of that show was superior to the first.
Cutting the budget may actually be good news in a weird way, because it means they're probably planning on a full season, and not just a 10-13 episode short season to set up the Inhumans show. If they were doing that they'd probably leave the budget intact.

They may not have to cut any cast members they weren't planning to already. Pretty sure John Hannah won't be back next season, Jason O'Mara is already gone and Mallory Jansen will probably be done as well.
Inhumans debuts in Sept so I am guessing AOS won't return til after the former concludes.
I assume the cutting the budget part mostly refers to CGI. This year they nearly blew their budget on the Ghost Rider effects.
That they did. There was some very clever "tell but don't show" moments going on towards the end. Like when someone mentioned there's a crowd outside the TV station but we didn't see it.
It's possible they'll have Inhumans do its 8-episode run in September and October, then go on hiatus and have AoS start in January for a 13-episode season. But if they're going to do that they'd better move it to a new time slot. The Inhumans is not going to flourish at 10 PM on ABC's comedy night.
"Good news. This season has been firing on all cylinders. And regarding cutting costs, well that's what happened to Angel Season 5 and it went out on a creative high." And then got cancelled. (Still hurts.)
Good news. As far as budget cuts, the true reveal of where things stand will be when it's premiere date is revealed next Tuesday. If it's pushed to 2018 for Inhumans then it might not be so bad but could maybe be the final season then.
Meant to say, thanks to all for keeping the episode discussion threads so readable. It's appreciated.
Yeah!!!! We all get to party for another season!
So glad to read this! This season has been excellent in every way.
I expect them to pair with Inhumans in the fall. We will get some indication of scheduling next Tuesday but there is always shuffling after all the other networks set their schedules as well.
Hmm a pod is likely 8 episodes in the Fall and that's just how many Inhumans will be doing as well. Makes sense.

I really hope that the approach they are taking with the Inhumans works out and that they use it again. There are a lot
of projects that they could do that would be a lot of fun and that we would love to see on our home screens that otherwise
will fall through the cracks. Hawkeye anyone ?

I gotta wonder though doesn't this violate the 60 day window theaters are supposed to have ?

[ edited by JDL on 2017-05-14 05:52 ]
Everything is a negotiation. It's not like there is a law. The theatrical window is simply an agreement that can easily be amended at any time by either party if beneficial.
@IrrationaliTV Oh I agree, everything is negotiable. I just hadn't heard anything suggesting that that had happened. Or
perhaps IMAX screens are different in some other way that makes this less controversial.
That's the thing, @JDL, I don't think it's controversial at all. It's a time of year without huge IMAX blockbusters and ABC is probably giving IMAX a larger than normal share of the ticket price. In exchange people write about and discuss the novel approach giving ABC a shitload of free marketing. Win win. They aren't setting any precedent that IMAX would be held to because it's a TV show and an obvious marketing stunt. Smart play for everyone involved.

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