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May 14 2017

'Timeless' gets cancelled and then uncancelled in a matter of days. One of the show's co-creators is Shawn Ryan who was a writer and producer on Angel.

While not having seen a single episode of this show, I have it written down on my list, so I am glad about this development. I wasn't even aware it got cancelled.
It was one of those shows that grew on me.
If I understand things correctly they are reducing the order to 10 episodes and will show them next summer. I'm guessing at this
point none of the fans of the show are going to complain about that.
Whoa, this was a Shawn Ryan show ? Didn't Shawn Ryan create and showrun The Shield ? Used to love that series. Only watched the first four out of seven seasons, but...yeah, incredible cop show (not your typical procedural...not a procedural at all, really). Should finish it some day.

If this is the time travel show I've caught bits of (and seen a couple full episodes of) while hangin' with a friends while we wait for other stuff to come on that we all watch together...meh. It only seemed all right.
There would be a complete wipeout from the wave of Time Travel shows from 2016-17, if were not for this un-cacenlation.

This is a Shawn Ryan + Eric Kripke (Supernatural) show, which I really did have high hopes for. Wasn't overly impressed, despite great talent involved. It was never as fun as hoped for, watched first few episodes, got bored, dropped the show and watched the finale to see if there was some resolution and wasn't sad when it was gone for "a few minutes". Hopefully the shorter episode order will allow them to more efficient season.
The name on the box doesnt always tell the whole story. Remember that Marti Noxon is still credited on UnREAL despite severing ties with that show. And J.J. Abrams has little to do with LOST (than kfully) yet still gets credit out of it. (not to mention all the other shows he puts his name on)
I wish we were in 2004 and The WB uncancelled Angel...
I love this show. It introduced me to the awesomeness of Bass Reeves.
What @7lovelyangel said.
I gave up on this show very early because it seemed that they were conveniently uncommitted to their own premise.

Supposedly-evil team goes back in time (always to some recognizable major event rather than any day-in-the-life place and time that are infinitely more common... hey, it's Time Tunnel all over again) to change something. Supposedly-good team has to follow them back to that point in time to prevent some nasty change. At the end of each episode, good team returns having at least partially thwarted the evil team, but something will have changed in the history of the good team members, and they return to a present that has been altered but about which they have no reliable memory. But here's the thing: in the present timeline, after the evil guys have departed but the good guys are still trying to locate them, the good-guys' present will have already been altered.

Did the writers ever come up with an excuse for this paradox?

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