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May 14 2017

A trailer for Marvel's upcoming TV series, The Gifted, has arrived. The new FOX show stars Amy Acker and others.

So they took it a step further than Legion did at the outset, in terms of franchise connections (or at least references). They didn't just say and show that this is a world with mutants, they called out the X-Men and The Brotherhood by name ?

When the heck in the timeline is this taking place, though ? Post-Wolverine-helped-fix-everything in Days of Future Past ?
At this point I've given up on the X-Men franchise having any sort of coherent timeline or internal continuity a la the MCU. It's a lot easier to just enjoy each new show or movie as they come along.
Imo the Xverse as a whole will founder over the issue of continuity. To be blunt with time travel allowed they don't have any.
That said individual bits may prosper. I hope this is one of them.
Based on things like the comment in the trailer about someone not knowing if either the X-Men or the Brotherhood still exist, Kris, I would say this show could safely fall into the gap between the end of Days of Futures Past and the beginning of Logan.
Wow. This trailer really makes me want to watch Legion. The Gifted looks like some remarkably average television.
I liked the spider robots but the trailer didn't really put me in the mind frame for watching the show. I'll have to see what the post-Comic Con critical buzz is like.
It looks decent enough to me.I'll probably check it out.
If they explore (as it seems they might be) the notion of mutant registration as an enforced reality, instead of just a nebulous threat, then I think it has potential. I'll watch it for Amy in any case, although I doubt this role is going to serve her talents as well as Fred or Dr Saunders or Root.
I know I'll give it a shot.
Stephen Moyer + Amy Acker + Sean Teale x Bryan Singer = I'll give it a shot.

+ Marvel TV and film completionist (even the foX-verse, but never seen Elektra and some of the cheapies like Man-Thing and whatnot). Can't help myself.

Trailer looked competent enough, but they can do better. Also, it's gonna be challenging to make these sorts of things stand out as more than simply a better-made Heroes, which is why I hugely appreciated the [mostly successfully executed] risks that Legion took.

And yeah, as badly as X-Men film continuity has been mangled, some of the inconsistencies are minor and explainable (Emma Silverfox in Wolverine Origins isn't Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class, despite similar powers and the same first name and the seeming intent for her to have been Emma Frost in Origins -- and that's all okay, IMO, no biggie, not a mistake), some are head-scratchers that you know came about simply because of First Class being a soft reboot of the franchise (why does Xavier never mention his closeness with Raven/Mystique, his adopted sister, in the modern age/original trilogy ? Because she wasn't written as his sister back then annnd...okay, whatever. Plus they never shared screen time together in the first trilogy and maybe you can fanwank it away as them being just that estranged by the year 2000, plus him keeping some things to himself), and some are outright unforgiveable. The most glaring was Xavier's return at the end of The Wolverine (after being disintegrated by Jean/Dark Phoenix in X-Men #3/The Last Stand). His consciousness was shown to have survived in the body of a braindead coma patient, but if it weren't for Simon Kinberg offering up his intended explanation off-screen (which Bryan Singer had zero intention of filming -- Days Of Future Past didn't have timemto go around cleaning up all of The Last Stand's messes), we still wouldn't know why he was alive and well to intercept Logan and fight Nimrod-Sentinels in Days Of Future Past.

It's still fun to try to make sense of it all. It doesn't all hang together, but it's not 100% fucked, either, IMO.
Ninewheels said:
"If they explore (as it seems they might be) the notion of mutant registration as an enforced reality, instead of just a nebulous threat, then I think it has potential."

I feel like we've seen this too much lately. With the Inhumans in Agents Of SHIELD (as an issue created by Civil War's Registration Act), with the Specials or Enhanced or whatever they called them in Heroes (covered both in the original four seasons and in the shoddy, failed relaunch Heroes Reborn), and across the X-Men franchise in certain films previous to this show.

Types of people being put on a list will always be relevent, but I'm tiring of it popping up in my entertainment, especially in the longform variety. One 2-hour movie here and there ? Fine. An entire series about it ? I dunno...fatiguing. I'm expecting this series to have a lot more on offer. If not, be the best version of that kind of story, blow all the others out of the water and wow us with the acting and interpersonal stories and arcs, and I'll keep watching all the way through.
As someone who is physically disabled and is often stuck at home being bored to death, having many of these series is truly welcome (as long as they are done well).
I really hope this is a good series - and that we actually get here in Australia.
I didn't realise the family were called Strucker. Intentional?
I'm sure it's intentional.
Please, give Amy Acker a lot more to do than just "concerned mom."

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