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May 15 2017

Adrianne Palicki starring in 'The Orville,' a new sci-fi series on Fox. It's a comedy-drama from Seth McFarlane. No Mockingbird in AoS season 5, looks like.

Isn't this very old news?
The casting is old news, but the fact that Fox has officially ordered it to series is the "new part".
This looks awful. Hope its cancelled quick and she can comeback to SHIELD.
Here's hoping they'll find time in her schedule to bring her back for episode 100 at least.
Hoping they saved the better jokes/gags for the airing of when this pilot airs (maybe they'll retool it a bit, if that's as funny as it's gonna get). A few bits kinda worked for me.

How can an alien species that's "all-male"/all one type even have genders ?

Glad someone's at least trying to make a sci-fi comedy. Wish there were more of these. Galaxy Quest didn't have to be a flash in the pan -- Trek and its like are ripe for parody. McFarlane is a massive Trek nerd, so this could be good.

I'll check it out for sure.

Yes, Bobbie and Hunter were great, but I like the core/smaller cast we got back to on AoS and I don't require constantly jokey Spike-like inserts like Hunter in every genre show I watch. Keep them off AoS as regulars, but I wouldn't mind a cameo or two.
@Kris - can only agree on Galaxy Quest. If it comes even close to that, I'll be watching.

Of course, being in Australia, I might not be watching but here's hoping ......
I'm clearly in the minority. I haven't looked forward to a show as much as this in years.

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You never know what you're going to get with McFarlane. It's a comedy/drama, so hopefully it won't have Family Guy-style humor. I will watch the pilot and be prepared to go either way with it.
I like the the trailer.

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