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May 16 2017

Alan Tudyk joins Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Agents of SHIELD's John Hannah will also be in the second season of the BBCA show.

I fell in love with this show by the end of it's first series (well, by about the 2nd episode if I'm honest). Deep characters and some real off-the-wall moments that drive the development. Already couldn't wait for season 2, so I am proper stoked to see Alan and John be part of it. They should fit in well.
Awesome! I've only just started the first season - such a weird show, but fun. Can't wait to see Alan in it!
Fantastic news - really enjoyable show!
I had mixed feelings about Season One. Yes, it's based on the Douglas Adams novels, but DGHDA doesn't really have the Adams FEEL to it. There's too much boilerplate "secret government agency" nonsense and not enough whimsical philosophizing. Also, I didn't feel that this version of Dirk was much of a protagonist; he babbled a lot (a whole lot), but mostly, he just seemed to stand exactly where fate or destiny wanted him to be, so the plot could move forward. He wasn't a hero so much as ... a leaf on the wind.

Speaking of which: Alan Tudyk! Woo! He'll be a fantastic addition to what was S1's greatest strength--the cast. Loved Fiona Dourif as Bart, the anti-Dirk, and Elijah Wood in his classic "wtf is happening?!" mode, which somehow always manages to amuse me.

Looking forward to Season Two. (And if they could somehow bring back the killer kitten, I'd never complain again....)
I haven't seen past the first episode. It didn't grab me but if Alan is in it I might resume watching. The British version is lovely by the way. There's a couple of heart breaking episodes to be watched.

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