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May 16 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moves to Friday 9pm when the Inhumans finishes its run. Variety says "Tuesday is capped at 10 p.m. by the Jason Ritter drama "The Gospel of Kevin." The previous occupant of that slot, "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," will move to Friday 9.m. after the eight episodes of "Inhumans" wrap".

Inhumans has only an 8 episode order, and will be premiering early fall (09/01 on IMAX, a few weeks later on tv). And considering the high-cost of the production, they're more likely to order a follow-up season if that's successful, rather than extending the season, probably.
We did have Agent Carter and AOS during a same calender season, with 8 Carter episodes and 22 SHIELD episodes, so on that standpoint it might or it might not affect how many episodes we're getting for AOS.

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I don't like re-wording other people's entries but Variety says when the show will air so I've used that site as the source.

Also a Friday timeslot? Laughs then cries.
Hmmm. So SHIELD moves to October then? Not sure what that does to the overall episode count. They still lose at least a month and their first arc will have to begin and end before the holidays hit. Maybe 1 pod of 6 episodes in 2017 and then more in 2018?

Between Fridays and OUAT losing most of it's main cast this might be a sign of both shows ending this time.

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Any word of what competition AOS will face in that slot?
The Exorcist on Fox and Taken on NBC both in their second seasons. CBS and CW release their schedules in the next two days which will reveal what else is on in the timeslot as well.
OK now I'm befuddled.

Inhumans goes to IMAX for two weeks starting Sept 1st. So by that logic is would premiere on TV September 22nd correct? Even if the premiere and finale are pushed to 2 hours each that still takes 6 weeks.

That puts the earliest SHIELD can start as the first week of November. It will get one or two weeks in December before holiday programming starts. At most that gives it six episodes to air in 2017 then.

Can they even fit 16 more hours January-May?
Considering how steady CBS and CW schedules usually are, it might just be facing Hawaii Five-O for CBS and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on CW.
What's on ABC FRI 10pm? 20/20? They can do some double episodes, which I don't remember getting any during S4, and the lack of weeks can be solved.

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Fridays! *cries*
Yay! I love having genre shows on Fridays. Seriously. Best possible spot for me. Loved Grimm there and I always catch whatever Syfy is showing on Fridays. Sometimes Friday is my busiest night of TV.

My guess is the first ep of Inhumans will be 2 hours and run on Friday the 15th and have it's finale on Oct 27th. AoS will start up for November sweeps with a 2 hour ep on 11/3 (or run the premiere at 10 following Inhumans on 10/27 with a cross over), followed by eps on 11/10, 11/17, (break for Turkey week), 12/1 and 12/8 finishing up a short 6 hour "pod." Then it will be back for it's 2nd pod starting mid Jan through Feb sweeps, hiatus in March and back April through May sweeps.

Also, expect scheduling to not be hard and fast since AOS may move to a different night depending on the performance of other new shows.

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As long as they've committed to a season 5, I'm not that concerned when or where they show it, as long as they do. I'll consider season 6 to be a bonus if it happens.
Apparently they want to build up Fridays as a sci-fi/fantasy night. It also says Inhumans will premiere 3 weeks after theaters so that puts it on Sept 22nd.
Well at least its not on Fox.
SyFy usually has its original series airing on Friday nights. Why do networks choose to pit sci-fi genre shows against sci-fi genre shows and then conclude that it's time to cancel, because ratings are so low? I guess they are ready to use the captive bolt pistol on AOS's forehead.
Less than 50% of the AoS US audience watched it live this season. Next year it would be even less if the show follows normal trajectories in the same Tuesday timeslot. ABC realizes the show has extremely loyal viewers but they don't watch live. It is a top 20 scripted show with L+7 factored in. That makes it perfect for Friday night. I'm betting on a 6th season right now. Full order just like this year.

Of course, I've only been right about this every. single. year. I could be wrong this time (Nah!). This show is VERY profitable to Disney and creatively is firing on all cylinders. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Can't wait to see what happens tonight as that should give us hints to where the story goes next season.
Heh, I've already had several...intense discussions about how the show isn't "doomed", but these are the same people who think it's going to get cancelled every year.
@IrrationaliTV Damn you for being a voice of reason when so many of us want to be.......irrational ! :) If the Inhumans works out
I wonder if it leads to more of the same or something new. Any insights you can share ?

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"The Gospel of Kevin" actually sounds promising. It's from Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas ("Agent Carter," "Reaper," writers on "Dollhouse") and our man J. August Richards is listed as one of the regulars. Not that I wanted "Agents of SHIELD" to move, but I'm glad more Whedon alum are gainfully employed.
Even if it doesn't receive a sixth season, five years is a great run for any series, especially a genre one. Lucky to have gotten what we have. Hoping they utilize what's already been established in AoS Seasons 2 through 4 for Inhumans.

6 seasons will allow the show to continue to be occasionally effected by whatever's going on in the films, so that should be fun/interesting if it happens.

I'm okay with a Friday night slot. I watch Real Time with Bill Maher and Vice that night, so it's not overly crowded. Was cool to have a Whedon series on Tuesday nights again for these past four years, but sci-fi is a better fit for Fridays. Like when I was a kid and teen. :)
Basically just here for IrrationaliTV's analysis.
Glad to see my insights are welcome by some. Thanks for that.

JDL, the Inhumans experiment seems to be just that, an experiment. 8-10 ep seasons work great on cable but this IMAX thing is totally new. I think a lot of people throughout the industry will watch it with a lot of interest. I know I will as a businessperson and as a Marvel nerd. :) As with anything in TV success creates duplication/imitation and failure gets people fired. At the end of the day I think it will live or die on telling a good story and its success or failure will have nothing to do with the distribution strategy. We will see.

More importantly did the extended trailer shown at the upfronts yesterday ever make its way online? I NEED to see it. :)

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And since we're talking about Whedon alums working, Daniel Dae Kim is still starring on Hawaii Five-O, however he's also listed as co-creator for The Good Doctor along with David Shore, which ABC will be airing on Mondays.

I don't think the Upfront INhumans trailer was made available online. I've watched all the ABC trailers available, as they were the only network so far who chose not to make them geo-locked.

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Inhumans trailer was not published. Geoblocking by the other networks is not cool and not really effective...
Thank you, IrrationaliTV, for the insights! I haven't been following the ratings at all and I am among the viewers who never manage to watch it live (the Amazon season pass eps go online the day after the initial broadcast), but I do watch it faithfully.

Plus this stat, "top 20 scripted show with L+7 factored in", is especially impressive.

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