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May 16 2017

Guests and schedule now up for WhedonCon May 19-21 in Los Angeles. Guests include Tim Minear, David Fury, Nicholas Brendon, stunt coordinator with BtVS behind-the-scenes footage and a lot more. Location is the Valley.

Thank you for posting this.
More info: Firefly Cargo Crate is sponsoring with giveaways and prizes and the Big Damn Shindig on Friday night, and Dark Horse Comics with their canvas Whedon bags. I take mine shopping at Trader Joe's, I can tell who there is Family :-]
Didn't know about this con last year. Happy to be here, and having good memories of Vulkon in Oakland. Will post about the con later, but maybe someone could link the old huge thread for that con back in the day? Panel starting now so I can't.

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