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May 19 2017

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, author/performer of song "Live to Rise", passes away at 52. TW: Suicide. The song "Live to Rise" was the first song written and performed by Cornell and alt-rock band Soundgarden, after they had re-formed in 2010. "Live to Rise" is the only song on the soundtrack inspired by "'Marvel's The Avengers" to appear in the film. The song played over the film's end credits.

Here is the official music video for Soundgarden's "Live to Rise" which includes footage from "Marvel's The Avengers".

I completely missed the connection yesterday. It's a tragedy. I remember me and my friends huddling together in someone's bedroom back in the very early 90s and ordering Sub Pop records which featured Soundgarden. This was in a wee N. Irish village on the Atlantic Ocean. I don't know if Chris Cornell ever knew the impact he had on my generation but it was a substantial one. His music felt fresh and swept away a lot of rock's cobwebs at the time. And that voice, oh that voice.
*sigh* Yeah. His voice was amazing.
His theme for Casino Royale, "You Know My Name," is definitely my favorite Bond theme.
I had no idea there was a music video for this.
I don't remember it being on the blu-ray of The Avengers.
Sad that I didn't get to appreciate it until after he was gone.
@SuperScuba exactly, that song was really great. There was a time Joss talked about pitching something for James Bond. Bond always has a song that becomes a top hit associated with the movie. I wonder Joss would have had as a song for his Bond.
Between this and Powers Boothe's unfortunate passing, it's a sad week to be an Avengers fan. I think I may have to give it a little time before I watch the movie again. As both gentleman were so very great at what they did, that watching it is going to feel particularly bittersweet just now.

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