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May 22 2017

Joss Whedon to shepherd Justice League movie to completion. Following a personal tragedy, director Zack Snyder will be handing over the reigns to Whedon for some additional filming and post-production.

Oh that's so sad.
Oh, my god. How horrible for the Snyders. My heart goes out to them.
Oh jeez. That poor family. So sorry for them.
Yikes that's terrible.
Very sad circumstances surrounding this.Sending the Snyders my thoughts.
That's a tragedy. Losing a child.
Fuck. That is awful. I hope they can find some peace.
Disgusting. I applaud Snyder for putting his children and family above this movie. It's absolutely the right decision.
Unimaginable. Very sorry for him and his family.
My deepest sympathies to the Snyders. This is surely the worst thing that can happen to a parent.
Just awful. My heart goes out to the Snyders. I'm sure stepping away from the film was a very difficult decision as well.

As for Joss' involvement, wow...recently we've been talking about wanting to see SOMETHING from Joss and now we'll be seeing a Justice League movie that Joss wrote/directed some scenes for, in November! Obviously his influence might not be very heavy given that the film has been in production for so long. Still, this makes me WAY more excited for JL than I was before...which was not at all ;)

Regardless, very awful circumstances.

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The unimaginable. :(
Will echo the thoughts here about Snyder spending time with his family. I don't care much for his directorial work, but I have nothing against him as a human being (and wish him and his family the best in this difficult time). The wording in this article is interesting:

"Snyder, after screening a rough cut of Justice League for fellow filmmakers and friends, wanted to add additional scenes, so he brought Whedon on board to write them. But as he prepared to shoot the scenes in England, Snyder realized it was not the time to leave home."

So, the scenes Joss wrote would have been part of the film regardless. Snyder just would have shot/filmed them-- whereas now Joss is.
An easier transition for Joss to step in, seeing how he'll be working on the Batgirl movie.
This is just horrible. I can't imagine worse circumstances under which I would want to see Joss' input on a movie. I'm sure all involved with this production will band to together to make it as great as they can.

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The way I read this was that Snyder wanted extra material, but didn't have the time or mindset to write it himself. I don't think - and I might obviously be wrong, and it doesn't matter anyway, because much more important things have been going on - that Whedon would've gotten involved had Snyder been able to work. The only exception would be if those scenes included the character of Batgirl. The phrasing of the article doesn't suggest this, though.
This is so sad to hear, especially with this news coming on a day when lots of parents are missing their young children.
Props to joss for stepping in like that. I know people love to rag on these giant, overblown corporate film projects. But the fact remains that there are tens of thousands of (mostly) good people whose abilities to feed their children are dependent upon these projects being finished as expected. And without the guy in charge... that becomes difficult.

So once again, props to joss for being willing to jump in like that and take over responsibility.
I want to be happy about Joss's involvement, but the reason for it is too awful. Zack Snyder and his family are going through the worst situation that anyone, and any family can go through. They will never get over this. Never. My heart hurts for them.

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All sympathy to Zack Snyder and family. As a suicide survivor myself (loss, not attempted), I understand at least some of that pain.

On a lighter note, I am very much looking forward to the now ever so slightly elevated prospects for "JLA vs Avengers" in 2022!
My brother committed suicide just shy of his 25th birthday. My parents were never the same after that. I don't know about how my sister feels (she found him...), but 30 years later, it's still in the back of my mind as an intense fear that it could happen to one or more of my kids.
More on the subject of Joss concluding the project by Variety interviewing producer Charles Rover at the Wonder Woman Red Carpet premiere:

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