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May 24 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #7. It's a good story this season, let's find out what happens next.

LOL. "I'll be in my bunk."
I thought this was a great issue, really enjoyed it. Some great character moments as the story continued to develop. I especially liked the significance of the scythe, with its connection to the slayer line and its 'weighty' representation of power and responsibility. :)
This issue was painful. I feel like since Season Eight, this has been where we were headed—a depowered, unchosen Buffy.

She temporarily lost her power in Season Eight in Tibet. In Season Nine, she nearly had her power taken by Severin. In Season 10, the new rules of magic in a way marginalized or minimized Buffy's strength (for example, same slayer strength versus overpowered and numerous new vampires). Now in Season 11, they've succeeded in taking it from her. I hope she gets it back, but it's painful to imagine Buffy without her strength.

But Willow on the other hand I'm not worried about. That witch won't be powerless for long, no way.
Buffy didn't have to get depowered at all. Slayers are exempt. She was in that camp voluntarily.
Solid issue, and I'm really enjoying this season.

Buffy may have followed Spike and Willow into the camp voluntarily, but the fact that she had to get depowered in order to leave says a lot. I don't understand how Jordan and the other slayers can be comfortable about their slayer status after witnessing what Buffy went through. They might be able to justify it in their minds because of her relationships/friendships and truces she's made with the following 'threats': Willow, Spike, Angel, Dracula, Harmony, Vicki, to name a few people. I get the feeling we will see Buffy and Faith uniting with Jordan, Lake, Sam & Riley by the end of the season.

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