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May 26 2017

Justice League: Joss Whedon was involved prior to Snyder's departure. Whedon seemed to be involved with "Justice League" film in role akin to script doctor before Snyder's departure. Snyder himself, convinced Whedon to finish directing "Justice League" film, so Snyder could spend time with family.

Article from Screen Rant discussing Joss' role in "Justice League" movie development.

I've created a DCEU tag to separate Batgirl from Joss' broader involvement in the DCEU such as fulfilling what Snyder intended for Justice League.
Kind of makes me wonder what the full order of events was. I'm thinking that Snyder/WB brought in Whedon to help write additional scenes for JL, then discussions about other possible DC projects came up, then Whedon became fascinated with the idea of Batgirl. I don't know what use it does to speculate, other than being fun :)
I think you're right about the order that of events. In interviews where Joss was talking Batgirl, he said that it came up while he was talking to WB about another thing - I guess now we know what that was!
It's all speculation, but the pieces do seem to be clicking into place. I wonder if the possibility of a project like Batgirl was even part of their offer to Joss to bring him onto Justice League.
He's like the Guv'nor isn't he. Mr Fixit. I think a lot of people forget that that he picked up a lot of skills in the early to mid 90s polishing up hit movies.
Well, it could be. It could also be that they had another project in mind, he decided to do Batgirl instead, then they asked him to help out with JL since he was on staff anyway.

This feels a lot like when he was working with Marvel, so they asked him to make suggestions on Thor: The Dark World.
There is an article linked to at the bottom of the Screen Rant piece which discusses the impact of Snyder's departure from the picture. It also discusses Joss' work as a script doctor on movies in the 90s, like Toy Story. The piece also mentions Waterworld. I know Joss has said he does not like to go back to work he has already done, he wrote the Buffy pilot with the notion that the movie had happened and did not ignore its events. However, I feel Waterworld might be a great canvas for a new post-apocalyptic nightmare with today's preoccupation with science denial and Game of Thrones. Joss has said that the ideas are not coming as easily as they used to, so a TV series, after he releases his historical war epic film, might be a great place to go.

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Joss has said that the ideas are not coming as easily as they used to
In today's world,
"Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."
While I would much rather he be doing original stuff instead, I cannot help but love the fact that's he playing for both teams.
Sounds like he was already involved in a script doctor situation, then got asked to do directorial duties for those revised / new scenes.

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